Gluten-Free Diet – the Dietary Guide to Weight Loss

Diet guide to lose weight quickly, the gluten-free diet from Thomas Sixt

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Discover together with me a new and unique concept to lose weight quickly: Lose weight permanently and healthily without the JOJO effect. “The gluten-free diet” is the first diet to treat food intolerances and brings you into the state of natural fat burning. This nutrition guide book clears up errors with common diet and I accompany you on a new way to the desired figure.

1. The gluten-free Diet is a new Way of Life and a modern Diet

Slimming according to the tolerance principle: The known and common diets are mostly based on a monocausal principle: eat more protein, reduce carbohydrates, eat less in general, exercise more and more intensively. These one-sided diets seldom bring you further, with the gluten-free diet a new way is immediately possible, by the reduction of food intolerances the weight will naturally reduce.
how to prepare a gluten-free pizza with recipe and tips to other sites
gluten-free delicious pizza

2. Gluten-free Weight Loss according to the Tolerance Principle

Slimming with pleasure and achieving the desired weight with the gluten-free diet: “The gluten-free diet” is the first to address the issue of food intolerances.  The supply of the “correct” fuel is natural with each car and after the reading of the book you will see your daily bread with other eyes. With new and balanced, tasty meals I will support you in your change of diet and help you to lose weight without hunger. Besides the reduction of ingredients that contain gluten, there are lots of ideas how to increase the consumption of vegetables and salads. More vegetables and more lettuce automatically means more fibre and weight reduction becomes child’s play.

3. Time Factor – the gluten-free Diet is not a flash Diet

With the change in diet, there is usually a decrease in history of 1-2 kg per week. This value is a guide value and depends on the initial weight. Lose weight healthily and permanently without the JOJO effect: I myself have reached the weight class of 130 kg over a period of 15 years and have experienced considerable health problems as a result. As an ex-thicker with over 30 kg weight loss, I know the suffering of the overweight population and can offer you a solution for your diet.

4. Gluten-free Diet for Women

Most diets provide for weight loss selectively, but often in the wrong places. If you want to lose weight at the bottom or at the hips you have a hard time so far. The gluten-free diet is a medium-term diet change, you lose weight on a medically reasonable scale, your female attributes are positively influenced in a natural way and you will feel wonderful and look accordingly.

5. Gluten-free Diet for Men

The gluten-free diet allows the roast pork, even pizza can be eaten. That sounds incredible but true! Even certain alcoholic drinks are allowed. No matter if sporty or unsportsmanlike, the gluten-free diet allows a reasonable and fast weight loss which is feasible and tastes good at the same time.

6. Gluten-free Diet – the Stars made it before

“Gluten-free” is THE diet of the stars from Hollywood: I developed the gluten-free diet in the first step for myself and for European requirements over 5 years. I was able to work with 24 doctors, including general practitioners, plastic surgeons and gastroenterologists as well as leading TCM specialists and integrate the findings of modern science into the concept. Even Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and other stars swear by the gluten-free diet. Beauty, health, successful appearance and vitality are no longer a secret.

7. Gluten-free Diet thought through to the end

The gluten-free diet is not just an exchange of foods containing gluten, but a mature plan that changes and optimizes eating habits. Important here is a critical overall view of one’s own diet and direct help as well as ideas for balanced food and meals. At the same time the book supplies much nourishing knowledge and succeeds in understanding the own behavior as well as pattern of the error nourishment. The book is ideal for humans, who want to do themselves finally somewhat good and step by step to the personal ideal weight to arrive want.
The Gluten-Free Diet – immediately start!
The nourishing councellor ‘The Gluten-Free Diet’ is available as e-book for iPad®, Kindle® and as PDF edition.