Simply the Best: Wiener Schnitzel

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To prepare the „Perfect Wiener Schnitzel“ is a real challenge. Who wants to immerse a universal gourmet enjoyment, now found the right place. Epicures love this golden fried, breaded escalope and who once had a tasty, crispy Wiener Schnitzel on his plate, doesn´t want to miss it anymore.

1. Introduction

GENIUS COOKING is the new iPad® cookbook range by Thomas Sixt Publishing. As first issue of the GENIUS COOKING series in English language, we are proud to present an iPad® cookbook of superlatives. Indispensable for those who want to serve a tasty Wiener Schnitzel to family and friends.

2. Content

alternatively to veal turkey schnitzel is also very delicious
turkey schnitzel – various breadingsThe „Perfect Wiener Schnitzel“ is already a best seller as an app, now the hunt is finally over for the fans of ebooks: This ebook is the ultimate and extensive manual for preparing an original Wiener Schnitzel, your „Perfect Wiener Schnitzel“ and now available!

Learn the basics: Hints for buying meat, best flour, breadcrumbs and sophisticated decoration. Perfect and easy breading, frying. Step-by-step slideshows complete the training.

You´ll get the original recipe for Wiener Schnitzel, plus a speedy version of potato salad. The recipe is supported by a video, you can look Thomas Sixt over his shoulder, while he prepares the Wiener Schnitzel. Thomas additionally shows in a second video instructions, how to finish your plate with enchanting garnishing cutting out a lemon as a star.

A useful supplement is the chapter with restaurant recommendations for Vienna.

Here you can purchase the „Perfect Wiener Schnitzel“ iPad® cookbook for only 1,99$! Buy now!The 15-pages ebook is designed extensively, requires an iPad® with installed  app „iBooks 2“ and running system „iOS 5“. On the new iPad® with retina resolution the fantastic high resolution photos inside this ebook unfold their best image quality.

Offer for the press:
Journalists who wish to read the book and like to apply for review, will receive a promo code for the iTunes App Store. This code allows a free access to the iPad eBook. Please contact here.

For those who prefer to download our German version, please go to version  German Wiener Schnitzel Page.