Make your own Matjessalad, Recipe with Variations, Tips and two Cooking Videos Instructions

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Making matjes salad myself I show in this article with cooking videos and many tips. Besides two variants for the matjes salad there are a lot of tips and ideas how you can modify your matjes salad. You can find my recipe matjes salad at the end of this page. The herring feast will give you defitiniv joy. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun cooking it yourself.

1. Make your own Matjessalad

Let’s take a closer look at matjessalad, you can prepare a creamy matjessalad based on cream, cream fraiche and sour cream or a matjessalad without milk or soy products. The creamy matjessalad is a fine thing, but I also like the variant with lots of vegetables and a light oil dressing. The Matjessalat without is to be found with me on the side as herring feast. This fish salad is always a feast for the eyes, because not everything is in the white sauce. In this article I mainly dedicate myself to the creamy variants and give you many suggestions for the preparation.

2. Herring Salad

The matjes is a young herring, so you can also use pickled herring for your salad. The matjes tastes better and finer and is therefore the first choice. I will explain the difference between matjes and herring below, so there are no more stumbling blocks.

3. Differences Matjes and Herring, a Pinch of Definition

The matjes is the young herring and not yet spawnable. It is therefore a very young fish, hence its fine taste and soft appearance. Herring compared to matjes is a herring which was inserted like Matjes and tastes accordingly similarly, but by far does not come close to the fine, young Matjes.

4. Matjessalad Housewife Style

This is a very well-known and popular preparation, the salad dressing usually consists of a cup of sour cream, a cup of yoghurt, a tablespoon of lemon juice, some sugar, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. In addition to approx. 250 g of finely chopped matjes fillets, two finely chopped apples and pickled gherkins are added. Red onions and fresh or dried dill are added as decoration and for the taste.

5. Matjessalad Dressing or Marinade

I would like to briefly explain the creamy dressing preparations and give some tips.

6. Matjessalad with Yoghurt

Use more yoghurt as a base and mix only one tablespoon of sour cream or cream fraiche on a cup of yoghurt.

7. Matjessalad with Creme Fraiche and Sour Cream

Use a cup of cream fraiche and a cup of sour cream. You can leave out the yoghurt here.

8. Matjessalad without Milk Products

Use a soy cream, and or a soy yoghurt, both ingredients are very compatible with the matjes. Alternatively you can prepare my following matjessalad with a little vinegar and oil.

9. Matjessalad with Vinegar Oil Dressing

I take 250 g matjes fillets cut into pieces, two pieces of apples cut into fine strips, two sticks of celery finely cut into strips, eight pieces of radishes cut into fine strips or quarters, orange fillets of two oranges, chives rolls or parsley and red onions or spring onions. The salad dressing is made from orange juice, a little white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and some sugar and oil. I like this very colourful matjessalad very much, it pleases the eye and tastes great. You can find my recipe for herring feast for Ash Wednesday elsewhere.

10. Onions in Matjessalad

The onions have the big disadvantage that they like to ferment quickly. There is a trick for this: Put the chopped onions in a little vinegar with sugar for ten minutes. The marinade of vinegar and sugar makes the onions keep well and the salad will certainly be delicious on the plate, even if it is left in the fridge for two hours.

11. Matjessalad with Apple and Beetroot

The basic preparation of matjessalad is now followed by a cooking video. I like to combine the creamy matjessalad with beetroot and apple. When you cut the apples, they have to be sprinkled either very quickly into the sauce or with lemon juice. Otherwise the apple will brown quickly. Beetroot: At best you cook your own fresh beetroot, this is the best variation. Simply boil the raw beetroot in salted water until soft, pour off and peel with your hands under running cold water. You can also use already cooked and vacuumed beetroot, but the self cooked beetroot tastes much better. Marinate the remaining beetroot with some vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil, you can eat it on the following days and it is very healthy. The beetroot from the glass simply doesn’t taste good to me, so there is no recommendation for it.

12. Video Matjessalad with Apple and Beetroot

13. Matjessalad with Egg, Olives and Gherkins

Another variant for the matjessalat is the preparation with boiled egg, olives, gherkins and onions. The following video shows how to do this.

14. Video Matjes with Egg, Olives, Onions and Gherkins

15. Recipe Matjessalad

Matjessalad Housewife Style with Variants

Matjessalad recipe in three variations by Thomas Sixt. Prepare herring salad and matjessalad with a sure-fire recipe, the finest herring feast!

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 1243
Total Time 20 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Matjessalat recipe as an editorial with different variants of the Matjes salad. The difference between matjes and herring is explained, two basic marinades are introduced. The popular Matjes housewife type, Matjes with apple and beetroot is explained exactly. Two videos offer you the perfect help for homemade matjes. Good luck!

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Make your own Matjessalad, Recipe with Variations, Tips and two Cooking Videos Instructions
Matjes Hausfrauenart a professional chef recipe with cooking video instructions.


Potatoes for Matjessalad

6-8 pc potatoes floury cooking (small)
some butter
80 g bacon strips
1 bunch chives

Matjes Salad Dressing

200 g Créme Fraîche
200 g yoghurt (can be completed see article)
4 pinch Salt
2 pinch Pepper
1-2 pinch Sugar
some chili dryed (or cayenne pepper)

Matjessalad with Egg – Onions- Gherkins – Olives

3 pc eggs (boiled and cutted)
8 pc black pitted olives
1 pc small onion
4 pc medium-sized pickled gherkins
1 tbs capers

Matjessalad with Apple and Beetroot

2 pc Apple
2 pc beetroot cooked
1 pc onions

Matjes Housewife Style

8 pc cornichons (very small gherkins) (or 4 pickled gherkins)
2 pc Apple
2 pc onion

Matjes Inlay

3-6 pc Matjes Fillet


Herbs (dill, parsley, chives)


Side dishes for rouladen prepare step picture.
Prepare side dishes for roulade, suitable are mashed potatoes, parsley potatoes, glazed vegetables.

For the matje salad with jacket potatoes, boil the potato in salted water, peel and toss in a little butter, season with salt and pepper and keep warm. Add crispy bacon to the potatoes to taste.

Smoked matjes fillets
The Rauchmatjes has a light and pleasant aroma and goes well with fried potatoes.

Mix all ingredients for the matjes salad dressing in a bowl and make ready.

Orange juice and orange fillets
Orange juice in bowl and orange fillets.

Prepare all ingredients for each variant of matjes salad as described in the list of ingredients and add to the matjes salad dressing and mix.

matjes salad arranged on a plate home made German fish salad
I will show you the preparation of matjessalat the housewife style in another recipe with a video. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Serve matjessalad with jacket potatoes and herbs to taste.


16. Calories Matjessalad, the Nutritional Values at a Glance

This is the calculation of the nutritional values and calories for the maties salad with egg, olives and capers.

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