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Thomas Sixt Chef Food Photographer
Thomas Sixt, Chef, Food Blogger and Photographer.

Here is the invitation to buy ingredients in season and use them for your cooking. Strawberries taste better in strawberry season and do not have a business class flight behind them 🙂 The same goes for asparagus, wild herbs and other vegetables and fruits.

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Wild garlic
Wild garlic is my personal highlight for Easter.

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic season: Wild garlic can be found in Germany from March to May.

Wild Garlic Recipes


Strawberry season: Domestic strawberries are available in Germany from late April to early September.

Strawberries Recipes

Strawberries in the basket, fresh from the field
Fresh strawberries from the local field photographed in a basket of green. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt
Asparagus peel cover picture
Peeling asparagus Frontal image shows peeled white asparagus.


Asparagus season: Domestic asparagus is usually available in Germany from April, depending on the weather, and the asparagus season ends on June 24 on Asparagus New Year’s Eve.

Asparagus Recipes


Cherries season: Fresh cherries from Germany are available in June, July and August.

Cherries Recipes

Wash the cherries and pat dry
Wash fresh cherries well and place them dry on the kitchen towel
Clean the chanterelles
You can find local chanterelles yourself.


Chanterelle season: Domestic chanterelles are available in Germany from July to October.

Chanterelles Recipes


Kürbis Saison: Heimischen Kürbis gibt es in Deutschland von August bis Oktober.

Pumpkin Recipes

pumpkin photo from austria
Pumpkin fresh from the field
Fresh kale
Fresh kale


Kale season: The time for kale from Germany is from November to February.

Kale Recipes

Shopping Consultant Seasonal Ingredients

Healthy cooking is fun and ingredients from local cultivation are good for the CO2 balance and the wallet. On this page you will find information about seasonal ingredients with information about harvest time and tips for your kitchen. You can send me cooking questions directly with the respective recipe.