Cooking with Love

Thomas Sixt Chef Food Photographer
Thomas Sixt, Chef, Food Blogger and Photographer.

Under the motto “Cooking with Love” you will find here on the food blog many delicious ideas for cooking yourself.

On this page I will introduce you to the food blog navigation.

This will make it easier and faster for you to find your way around in the future. Concentration during cooking is then well taken care of.

Wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Change black/white Mode

black white icon modus description
Black and white mode icon

A black and white mode is available for this food blog.

Especially in the evening, the black background makes reading easier and is easy on the eyes.

You can easily turn this feature on or off by clicking on the icon in the top bar to the left of the country flag.

I find the black and white mode simply brilliant. I’m currently leaning towards black. What do you think?

Large Logo on Desktop and Mobile

big thomas sixt logo function description
Large logo

Clicking on the large Thomas Sixt logo will take you to the home page.

This way, from any website you found this blog, you can get to the foodblog home page and find current news and info appropriate to the season.

This is not big news but you wouldn’t believe how many people knock on my kitchen door because they can’t find the food blog 🙂

Small Favicon Logo TS

favicon function description
TS Favicon Icon

For easier navigation on the website, there is a reduced logo in the mobile view in the initial letters.

The logo and menu bar is mobile sticky, which means visible when you swipe on the screen.

The small TS logo leads you as well as the big logo to the foodblog start page with the latest news and information according to the season.

News is good, isn’t it?

Seasons Icon

siason-icon description
Seasons Icon

The seasons icon to the left of the heart will take you to current topics in the fastest way.

Using the Christmas tree as an example, you can click to go directly to the Christmas dinner suggestions page.

Let yourself be surprised, soon you might find an Easter bunny or a laughing pumpkin at this place, from which you can cook pumpkin soup directly 🙂

Hamburger Menu and Main Menu

Hamburger Menü Icon

The hamburger menu on the top right is available on this page for the desktop and mobile version. Via the burger menu with the three dashes you can go deeper into the food blog and go directly to subcategories.

The visible menu items in the main menu (sticky menu mobile) lead you to the most important overview pages. Hamburger suits the food blog, doesn’t it?

Search Function

search icon description
Search function magnifying glass icon

Clicking on the magnifying glass on the right side below the burger menu will open a search window.

Here you can enter desired ideas via the keyboard and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can get inspired via the page for all recipes.

Looking at beautiful food pictures is fun…

Country Flag

language flag description
Country flag icon

The country flag leads to other language versions of this website.

Currently you can find the content in German and English.

We are working on further language variants, but now comes Christmas 🙂