The ICON DIET can change your life immediately! Brain researchers confirm: The constant occupation with positive things creates new neural networks in the human brain, which promote a positive life orientation. You can use this helpful ability of the human brain NOW for the positive orientation of your nutrition. 

icon diet book from thomas sixt. getting slim and healthy with the help of positiv images

Stick to your Diet…

You know the causal problem when you want to lose weight or when you decide to go on a diet to lose weight: Some days you manage to live according to the new intentions, then you fall back into your old and learned nutritional behaviour. This leads to frustration and annoyance for yourself, because laboriously achieved weight reductions usually find their way back to the hips with a surcharge.

Mind versus Subconsciousness

Although our common sense has long known what makes us fat, all too often we cannot resist the temptations. Something in us demands the known food and the resulting pleasure gain. On the one hand, the pleasure gain from eating is subconsciously programmed by our early childhood and later upbringing, on the other hand, in our modern Western society we are exposed to advertising as well as to the wide range of fatteners and harmful fast food.

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Consciousness and Mindfulness

First and foremost is the process of becoming aware of these external circumstances. On the way to work, in the canteen and in the restaurants, in the supermarket, on the Internet and on television, we encounter a multitude of culinary incentives. These invitations have already manifested themselves throughout life in our subconscious. These include advertising or the offer of chocolate bars, jelly babies, ice cream, the Burger chain’s offer, black and non-energy sugary drinks and much more.

Conciousness: Make yourself aware that all these things have had an effect on you to this day. You became aware of these things, you became a consumer, you had a positive feeling about the food and you were exposed to a vicious circle for a long time. This vicious circle is NOW CONSCIOUS to you and you are leaving this vicious circle NOW.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness towards yourself can BE NOW CONSCIOUS and you can start to reprogram YOUR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS TODAY. Thus it is possible for you in self-empowerment to lead a culinary life in mindfulness with YOU SELF.

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Transforming FOOD MEMORY

You can now reprogram your subconscious with ICON DIET AND ICON DIET TECHNOLOGY. As a result, your subconscious can work for YOU in a positive sense. Through the targeted application of mental techniques you reprogram your subconscious nutritional behaviour to natural, healthy and highly oscillating foods. The cravings for fattening and low swinging foods will decrease by themselves and you will automatically reach for the things that DO YOU GOOD and suddenly leave fast food & co just to the side.


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Customer Comments


The ICON DIAET has helped me to change my eating habits. I have already lost 4 kg without much effort. THANK YOU!

“Peter K. Düsseldorf”



I was very critical, after three days I had an unbelievable desire for vegetables… 2 weeks 3 KG away, wonderful!

“Ilse H. from Nürmberg”


Reprogram your eating behaviour with the ICON DIET.

Adjust your eating habits positively in the long run by reprogramming your subconsciousness.

Time required: Twice a day for 15 minutes! Or use it in an acute case.

You can implement the ICON DIET immediately and use it for yourself.

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