Salad with Beef: Recipe with Video for colorful Leaf Salad with Beef Strips

Salad with Beef: Recipe with Video for colorful Leaf Salad with Beef Strips

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My recipe salad with beef is prepared for you. The salad is easy to prepare and is on the table in less than 30 minutes. Discover many practical kitchen tips so that you can easily recook it yourself. The salad with beef or beef strips is a great LOW CARB DIÄT dish. Watch the cooking video: Prepare salad with beef, I will accompany you in your kitchen 🙂 Have fun cooking, I will be happy if you share this video with your friends on Facebook.

1. Salad with Beef Strips

As meat for my salad I use a roast roast. When shopping, make sure that you get hung out meat. You can also buy vacuum packed steaks, please buy the packed steaks close to the expiration date.
Colorful leaf salads are ideal for salads with beef, green salad is also possible but monochrome!

2. Steak Salad Recipe

You can also prepare the beef salad with a fillet of beef. Cut the fillet of beef into slices about two centimetres thick and then fry the steaks in a pan to the desired cooking degree. After frying, cut the fillet into thin slices and arrange them on the salad.
Roast roast, beef steak, fillet steak, briefly roasted, these kinds of meat are a dream for the salad!

3. Steak medium or Steak well done?

I’m inserting the steak gargrade here so you’ll have easier steak roasting:
Gargrad BezeichnungKerntemperatur
Medium Rare50-54°C
Medium well60-72°C
Well done73-85°C
This steak with salad is great – that’s how I like diet!

4. Salad with boiled Beef

Cook a breast of beef or other cooked meat and let the meat cool down. Then cut the beef into thin slices (3mm), spread the meat with Dijon mustard, place the meat in flour and fry the meat slices “breaded” with mustard and flour in a coated pan with a little sunflower oil on both sides light brown. The beef in the mustard crust tastes delicious! You can find the recipe here: Beef salad with leaf salad and asparagus, recipe for cooked beef.
Mustard meat on the salad tastes delicious, you can marinate cooked meat 3-5 days in mustard, pickle, mature and flavor!
In connection with beef I like a salad dressing with mustard. If possible I use the hot Dijon mustard. In addition there is a strong balsamic vinegar, sugar, a little salt, pepper, some chili and olive oil. The special kick with this dressing comes from anchovy fillets. They bring a special aroma to the dressing and that makes it exciting and exciting. You can mix the ingredients of the dressing with a hand blender or with a whisk. If you prepare the dressing by hand, then chop the anchovy fillets with the knife and crush everything finely with the side of the blade. I do that in the video with the whisk, that also works. Then stir with the mustard, spices and balsamic vinegar until smooth. Let the oil run in slowly, stir vigorously, then add more oil and continue stirring. Use one part balsamic vinegar and three to four parts olive oil, spices according to the recipe or your own taste.
You can serve this salad as a starter or as a main course!

5. Salad with Beef and Vegetables

I like to combine the salad with beef with blanched beans, sliced cucumbers, fried zucchini slices, fried or raw mushrooms, quartered or sliced radishes, tomatoes seasoned with salt (and a little sugar), green and black olives, dried and oil-soaked tomatoes or artichokes.

6. Salad with Beef Video

I show the preparation of a variant of salad with beef strips in the following video.

7. Recipe Salad with Beef

It has become a really beautiful and great colorful salad that pleases the eye and the palate. In the video I show the meat roast without fat, you can try this or use a little sunflower oil.

Salad with Beef: Coloured Leaf Salad with Beef Strips

Roast beef with colorful salad and vegetables, a recipe by Thomas Sixt with cooking video.

Servings 2
Calories 812
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Salad with beef recipe with variations and step by step video to cook yourself. Beside the roasted beef I introduce the cooked beef in the mustard crust and give tips for an exciting and simple salad dressing. The salad with beef strips will surely please you, try out the recipe and let it taste you!

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Salad with Beef: Recipe with Video for colorful Leaf Salad with Beef Strips
Salad with beef, colorful lettuce with vegetables prepared as a LOW CARB diet dish, beef roasted or grilled, colorfully served with tomatoes, beans and parmesan.


2 slices roast beef
1-2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 pinch brown cane sugar
some chili dryed
2 pc anchovy fillet small
25 ml balsamico
90 ml oliv oil
1 pc cucumber small
3 pc Mushrooms
120 g green beans (blanched and cooled or steamed in ice water)
80 g leaf salad mixed
20 g parmesan
6 pc cocktail tomatoes


Clean up the roast, cut in the tendons, prepare the meat for frying.

Prepare a salad dressing with mustard, sugar, salt, chilli, pepper, anchovy fillet, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Fry the meat, turn it over after about 4 minutes and leave it to stand next to the stove with the lid on.

Slice the cucumber and mushrooms and mix well with the blanched beans and the salad in the marinade.

Serve the salad, season the roast with salt and pepper, cut open on the salad, decorate with Parmesan freshly planed, add the tomato halves and serve.


8. Calories (kcal) Salad with Beef, Overview of Nutritional Values


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