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Vegan Pumpkin Soup Recipe

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I love to cook the vegan pumpkin soup recipe in autumn.

The pumpkin is not peeled and the soup is on the table in less than 40 minutes.

Did you know that orange juice in pumpkin soup gives a great taste experience?

Try it out and let yourself be inspired.

Conjure up a vegan soup for your loved ones. Good succeed!

1. Recipe Vegan Pumpkin Soup

For exact quantities you will find my exact instructions with quantities in the following. I wish you good luck!

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 563
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple guide for preparing creamy vegan pumpkin soup.

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Vegan Pumpkin Soup recipe image
Vegan Pumpkin Soup Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 pc pumpkin (Hokkaido squash or butternut squash)
1 pc potato (optional for creamier cream of pumpkin soup)
1-2 pc onions
1 l Vegetable broth (or soup powder)
1/2 pc glove of garlic
6 g Ginger (1-2 thin slices of ginger)
1 pc curcuma (Optional)
1 Stück Orange (Or 80 ml of juice)
4 pinches primal salt
4 pinches black ground pepper
2 pinches brown cane sugar (I use raw cane sugar)
3 pinches nutmeg
2 pinches Chili
4 tbsp fresh pumpkin seeds
4 tbsp pumpkin seed oil
4 tbsp soy cream (I use soy yogurt)


Variant of butternut squash

Butternut squash
You can recognize butternut squash by its elongated and bulbous shape.

Prepare butternut squash

Wash the butternut squash, drain and place on a cutting board.

Halve the butternut squash
Halve the butternut squash in half.

Halve the butternut squash

Halve the butternut squash in front of the rounded bottom.

Peel butternut squash
Butternut squash peeling.

Peel butternut squash

Peel the top roll of the butternut squash with the vegetable peeler.

Butternut squash base
The bottom, round part of the butternut squash.

Scoop out the butternut squash

Scoop out the rounded bottom of the butternut squash with a spoon.

You can now peel the fruit body or use it to serve the soup.

pumpkin cubes
Butternut squash cubes on the cutting board.

Dice butternut squash

Cut butternut squash flesh into 2 cm cubes and set aside for further processing.

Variant Hokkaido pumpkin

clean the pumpkin
clean the pumpkin

Prepare Hokkaido squash

Cut off the top and bottom of the Hokkaido squash and place the round squash firmly on the cutting board.

seed pumpkin
Remove the seeds from the pumpkin halves with a spoon.

Scrape out the Hokkaido pumpkin

Halve the Hokkaido pumpkin with a sharp knife and scrape out the pumpkin seeds.

Cut pumpkin slices
Cut the pumpkin halves into pumpkin slices.

Cut Hokkaido squash

Cut the Hokkaido pumpkin halves into 1.5 cm thick slices.

Cut pumpkin pieces
Cut pumpkin pieces

Dice Hokkaido squash

Dice the Hokkaido pumpkin flesh with the skin.

prepare soup

Pumpkin pieces in a pot
Pumpkin pieces in a pot

Pumpkin pieces in a pot

Place the prepared pumpkin pieces in a large saucepan.

peeled potatoes
Thoroughly peel the potatoes. It is better to put peeled potatoes in cold water, then they will not turn brown!

Optional potato

For a particularly creamy pumpkin soup, wash one or two floury potatoes, peel and cut into small pieces.

Place the potato pieces with the pumpkin in the pot.

The starch of the potato binds the soup later when cooking.

Finely dice the onion.
Dice the onion halves.

Prepare onion

Halve, peel and finely dice the onions. Put diced onion in the pot.

Pumpkin in broth
Pumpkin pieces in the broth when cooking the pumpkin soup.

make soup

Fill the vegetables in the saucepan with aromatic vegetable stock and slowly bring to the boil.

Finely dice the garlic.
Finely dice the garlic.

Prepare garlic

Peel the garlic and finely dice half a clove of garlic.

Add the garlic cubes to the soup

ginger and turmeric
Finely chop the ginger and turmeric

Prepare ginger

Thinly peel the ginger root with a knife and cut into fine cubes.

Optionally, you can also prepare turmeric. -> Put in the soup.

cook pumpkin soup
cook pumpkin soup

Cook pumpkin soup

Let the soup start simmer gently for 25-30 minutes.

Avoid putting a lid on it, this will preserve the beautiful color of the pumpkin.

Squeeze oranges
Squeeze oranges for orange juice.

Prepare orange juice

Squeeze the orange juice from an orange and add to the soup

Roast pumpkin seeds
Roasting pumpkin seeds in a pan.

Roast pumpkin seeds

Roast the pumpkin seeds in a pan and season with salt.

Prepare for serving.

Mix pumpkin soup
Mix the pumpkin soup

Complete soup

Puree or mix the soup with the soft boiled pumpkin vegetables.

-> I almost always use a hand blender for this.

After blending, let the soup stand by the stove for 10-15 minutes.

-> The taste of the pumpkin develops better this way.

Pumpkin soup vegan or vegetarian
Simple vegetarian pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil, soy cream and pumpkin seeds.

Make pumpkin soup

Season the soup with salt, pepper, a little sugar and chilli.

Before serving, bring to the boil and mix again with the hand blender.

–> Pour the soup into warmed soup plates.

–> Decorate each plate with a spoonful of soy yoghurt in the middle.

–> Sprinkle the prepared, roasted pumpkin seeds on the soup.

-> Apply a few drops of pumpkin seed oil and serve quickly.

Bon appetit!

The video instructions show you the preparation of the soup as an example.

2. Calories (Kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. Ingredients for Vegan Pumpkin Soup

It’s easier than you think! You prepare this soup with vegetable broth and plant-based cream .

Soy cream is an alternative to cow’s milk cream .

In the vegetable section, you can grab butternut squash, nutmeg squash , or Hokkaido squash.

Varieties with a light skin are better because the soup gets a great color.

That answers the same question about peeling . I cook Hokkaido pumpkin in the soup with the skin on, I prefer to peel other varieties.

You want it 100% vegan ? Use olive oil instead of butter !

Ingredients tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Cut pumpkin
Sliced pumpkin to remove the seeds

4. Prepare Vegan Pumpkin Soup Quickly and Easily

Overview of the preparation:

  1. Prepare the pumpkin: Cut the ball in half and remove the seeds with a tablespoon.
  2. Prepare: Cut off the unsightly parts of the pumpkin peel and style attachments.
  3. Peel: thinly cut the pumpkin skin or cut into small pieces with the skin.
  4. Dressing: Put the pumpkin pieces in a pot with chopped onions and cover with water.
  5. Seasoning: Season with a little vegetable broth powder, plus salt, pepper, nutmeg and chili.
  6. Bring to the boil: Bring the soup mixture to a slow boil without a lid.
  7. Flavoring: Add some finely chopped garlic and ginger.
  8. Binding: Add a small chopped potato if desired.
  9. Cook: Simmer the soup for 30 minutes at moderate heat until slightly simmering.
  10. Blend: Blend with a hand blender, add a little orange juice to taste.
  11. Serve: Serve directly as a simple soup or
  12. Refine: Bring the soup to the boil again and refine with soy cream or coconut milk.

The cream soup has a stronger pumpkin flavor if you add soy cream .

Coconut milk gives the soup an Asian touch . Then add soy sauce and lime juice .

You can season both soup variants lightly or strongly with turmeric and curry .

The vegetable soup will be creamier if you cook one or two chopped potatoes with it .

Tips for thickening the cream soup from chef Thomas Sixt
Peel potatoes
Peel the potatoes with the vegetable peeler.

5. Vegan Ideas for Soup Accompaniments and Decoration of the Pumpkin Soup

The presented pumpkin soup with orange juice tastes slightly sour and the orange flavor goes well with the pumpkin.

The orange juice gives the soup a pleasant depth of taste.

With the right amount of OJ you can conjure up a balanced acidity in the soup.

Season the soup with a little orange juice !

Ingredients tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Squeeze oranges
Squeeze oranges for orange juice.

Modify the soup according to your own taste , supplement and refine with these ideas :

Vegetables and deposits:
– Finely chopped raw spring onion slices or thin spring onion strips
Carrots , celery and leeks , blanched briefly and al dente, cut into fine strips
Finely diced , cooked al dente pumpkin cubes
Sliced or diced smoked tofu or tofu coated with sesame seeds

Decoration and herbs as well as superfoods:
– Touches of color : –> Fresh and dried pomegranate seeds , goji berries , red pepper , barberries
Herbs : –> Fresh coriander , dill , parsley , cress or sprouts
Creamy : Vegetable soy cream or soy yoghurt
Miscellaneous : Combine suitable oils such as pumpkin seed oil , black cumin oil , linseed oil

Pumpkin seeds are the classic for soup and taste delicious !

Ingredients tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Roast pumpkin seeds
Roasting pumpkin seeds in a pan.
Pumpkin soup vegan or vegetarian
Simple vegetarian pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil, soy cream and pumpkin seeds.

6. Other suitable ideas

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  • Hey Thomas, it's pumpkin time again and I'm so happy about that… Your pumpkin soup recipe is a hit! Described very well and made quickly 🙂 With which menu combinations would you actually serve pumpkin soup? Because soon I have a few guests who would like to eat delicious vegetarian food and I imagine something like "regional cuisine"… I'm looking forward to your advice, Klaus


  • Thanks for the easy recipe. The soup tasted great. Annette sends her best regards


  • Hello Klaus, thank you very much for your positive feedback and the nice lines. I'll answer your cooking question about a vegetarian menu right away: –> Start with the pumpkin soup –> Pumpkin vegetables from the oven –> Avocado chocolate mousse Good luck and have fun! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Annette, thank you very much for your kind message, I am very happy when the soup tastes good! Send me any cooking questions and comments, I'll reply quickly. Kind regards, Thomas Sixt