Foamy Pumpkin Soup with Ginger for Gourmets

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WOW, delicious, the pumpkin soup with ginger recipe makes you happy when you dare to cook!

In the following article you will get all my chef tips directly served.

In addition to ginger, I also combine curry and turmeric with this soup.

This results in a tasteful splendor and promotes health.

This is the ideal soup when you cook for guests.

You can quickly exchange the shrimp for smoked tofu.

This is how you make your #ohnetiereessen guests really happy. Good succeed!

1. Recipe Pumpkin Soup with Ginger

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Pumpkin Soup with Ginger

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 6558
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple guide for pumpkin cream soup with ginger, curry and prawns.

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Pumpkin Soup with Ginger recipe image
Pumpkin soup with ginger Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


ingredients soup

200-300 g pumpkin (Hokkaido squash or butternut squash)
2 pc shallots
50 g butter
40 ml dry white wine
500 ml Vegetable broth
4 Scheiben Ginger
1/2 tsp primal salt
4 pinches black ground pepper
3 pinches nutmeg
1 pinches Chili
1 tbsp Madras Curry (Madras Curry)
1 tsp curcuma
1/2 tsp brown can sugar (or honey or agave syrup)
150 ml coconut milk (or soy cream both optional, makes the soup creamier(er))

Ingredients soup garnish

4-6 pc prawns (Thawed, peeled, ready)
80 g smoked tofu
1 tsp Sunflower oil
1 Mug Cress
2 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp Sesam (Light, dark or mixed)
1 tsp goji berries (or goji berries)


clean the pumpkin
clean the pumpkin

Wash pumpkin

Wash the pumpkin, clean the pumpkin skin and cut off the stalks.

seed pumpkin
Remove the seeds from the pumpkin halves with a spoon.

Prepare pumpkin

Halve the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds with a tablespoon.

You can use Hokkaido squash or butternut squash for this soup, I tried the recipe with both types of squash.

Cut pumpkin slices
Cut the pumpkin halves into pumpkin slices.

Cut pumpkin

Slice the pumpkin.

Cut pumpkin pieces
Cut pumpkin pieces

Cut pieces

Cut the pumpkin slices into small pieces.

Sweat the pumpkin
Sweat the pumpkin

Sweat pumpkin

Slowly sweat the pumpkin pieces in a tall saucepan with the butter for 10-15 minutes until colourless.

Finely dice shallots
Whole and peeled shallots, peeled and diced.

Prepare shallot

Halve, peel and finely dice the shallots.

Add to the pumpkin pieces in the pot and sauté briefly until colourless.

Pumpkin in broth
Pumpkin pieces in the broth when cooking the pumpkin soup.


Deglaze with white wine and vegetable broth.

Bring the soup to the boil.

Cook the pumpkin pieces over low heat until soft.

ginger and turmeric
Finely chop the ginger and turmeric

Add ginger

Chop the ginger and optionally fresh turmeric and add to the soup.

I put turmeric as a spice in the ingredients list.

Season the soup base with salt, pepper, nutmeg, chili, curry and a little sugar.

cook pumpkin soup
cook pumpkin soup

Preserve color


Let the soup start to simmer without the lid.

Putting the lid on would change the color of the soup to greyish.

Mix pumpkin soup
Mix the pumpkin soup

Mix soup

Finely mix the cooked pumpkin and soup base with a hand blender.

Then let the soup steep for another 5-8 minutes so that the flavor can fully develop.

Optionally mix soy cream or coconut milk into the boiling soup.

Optionally, you can pass the soup through a fine hair sieve.

Peel prawn
prawn shell close-up

Prepare prawns

Peel the thawed prawns and remove the casing from the curved top.

Leave the shrimp fins attached to the prawns body.

Halve the prawns body with a cut in the middle up to the fin.

Fry prawns
Fry the prawns in the pan.

Fry prawns

Fry the prepared prawns in a pan with a little sunflower oil over high heat.

By cutting the prawns body in half, the prawns turn up when frying and are easier to serve in the soup. A notice:

The halved prawns will cook faster, high heat is required.

Leave the fried prawns in the pan near the stove to serve.

Finely diced smoked tofu
Smoked tofu is a good substitute for smoked bacon.

Prepare tofu

Optionally cut tofu cubes as a soup garnish for the vegan version of the pumpkin soup.

Fry the cubes briefly in the pan with sunflower oil.

Prepare for serving and keep warm.

Fresh butter in a bowl

Mix soup

Taste the soup again before serving.

Mix in cold butter.

Pumpkin Soup with Ginger recipe image
Pumpkin soup with ginger Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Serve the soup in warm soup bowls.

Place the fried prawns in the middle. Alternatively arrange the tofu cubes.

Decorate with sesame, cress, soy sauce and red berries and serve.

Enjoy your meal!

Note about the video:
The embedded video shows the basic preparation of the pumpkin soup.

Note the ingredients and refine the soup to your taste.

Variant with salmon:
Please heat the plates in advance at 80°C or in the microwave!

Place the raw salmon pieces in the soup bowls and pour the boiling soup over them.

Serve the soup, the salmon soup garnish is finely poached at the table until translucent.


2. Calories (Kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. Tips for Making Pumpkin Soup with Ginger

I love this soup because the ingredients make it taste really exciting.

Get some fresh ginger and madras curry , this goes best with the soup.

The curry insider tip :

Wherever curry comes in, always season with something sweet ,

this makes the curry and the entire preparation a treat for the palate and will delight you twice as much.

Always add some brown sugar, honey or agave syrup to the curry, which makes the curry taste round.

Tip for seasoning the soup from chef Thomas Sixt
ginger and turmeric
Ginger and turmeric on the cutting board.
Brown sugar
Brown sugar made from sugar cane is considered healthier than white industrial sugar.

4. For Special Days… Pumpkin Soup with Ginger and Prawns

This soup is a great dish when guests come to you or you want to conjure up something special for your loved ones.

You can get different types of shrimp in the supermarket.

Raw shrimp: You can tell by the gray color.
Cooked shrimp: These are already cooked and glazed.

—> Please only toss cooked crustaceans very briefly in butter, otherwise they will get a rubbery consistency.

—> Please peel the raw crustaceans, cut the top and remove the intestines, then fry over high heat.

Raw shrimp
remove the intestines from raw shrimp
Fry prawns for spaghetti with scampi and tomato sauce
So that the shrimp stay on the plate, I cut them in half lengthways to the end of the tail. The two halves are still held together at the tail. When frying, the crustacean turns up and the shape is perfect to appear as a tower in the soup.

Alternative soup accompaniments: Instead of the crustaceans, you can also use pieces of salmon or modify the soup accompaniment to make it vegetarian or vegan with smoked tofu.

Insole variants tip from chef Thomas Sixt

There is also a tip for smoked tofu:

Place the diced smoked tofu decoratively in the soup and coat the tofu with sesame seeds, as I show with the tofu with sesame dish.

Vegetarian recipes category image.
Vegetarian recipe by chef Thomas Sixt.

5. Variants Tips for Pumpkin Soup with Ginger

I would like to list some ideas for the encores here:

Nut butter, that's browned butter.
Nut butter in a bowl.

I always serve this soup strained and foamed!

Gourmet tip from chef Thomas Sixt

6. More Pumpkin Ideas

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  • Hello Thomas, I'm not sure how exactly that is done at the end with the mixing with butter and how much butter I use in relation to it. I'm looking forward to cooking it again 😋! Kind regards Michelle


    • Hello Michelle, Thank you for your query. To be honest, I don't weigh the butter to mix it up. Gladly take a little more, ice-cold butter, 2-3 cubes, each approx. 20 g I wish you good luck! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hey there, Cleo is in touch 🙋‍♀️ I was able to easily cook your soup – thanks to the good description 😉 My question: can I also prepare a pumpkin sauce like this? Imagine poultry. Best regards


    • Hello Cleo, thank you for your positive feedback. I'm very happy 🙂 Regarding your question about cooking soup with sauce: – You can thicken the soup with cornstarch mixed in cold water. – For 0.2 L of the soup use about 1-1.5 tsp of cornstarch and 100 ml of cold water. – Mix the cornstarch in cold water so that no lumps form. – Boil the soup and slowly add the starch water. – Continue cooking the soup, then binds it to the sauce and becomes creamier. – Season with salt, some sugar and optionally cayenne pepper – Mix with cold butter before serving. I wish you the best of luck Greetings Thomas


  • Hi Thomas, I cooked your foam soup for me and my darling today. A thousand thanks for this delicious guide and the knowledge gained. LG Pauli


    • Hello Pauli, the frothing of the soup actually brings a special taste experience and a fine mouthfeel. Enjoy the pumpkin season! Kind regards, Thomas Sixt