Beef Salad with Leaf Salad and Asparagus, Recipe for Boiled Beef

greetings from bavaria with this dish of beef salad with asparagus

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My Beef Salad recipe is an extraordinary recipe and I got to know the way of preparation during my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck. The boiled beef is cut into slices, marinated in hot Dijon mustard, then breaded with Wiener Griessler rose flour and fried in a little fat or vegetable oil in a coated pan. This is not a normal beef salad with vinegar and oil but a real gourmet variation. You can prepare the beef salad with beef in the mustard crust from boiled beef or from fresh beef. For fresh beef, use only short roasts such as fillet of beef, hip steak or roast beef. Make sure that the meat is well hung. After all, tough meat is not a pleasure to eat on your plate. The salad simply succeeds and is on the table in less than 40 minutes. The following Kitchen Story gives you good instructions on how to cook it yourself. Please try it out quickly, good success, share this article on Facebook with your friends…

1. Prepare Beef Salad

This beef salad is best prepared from boiled beef. Cut the cold, cooked beef into slices about 4 mm thick and coat the beef slices with medium-hot mustard or Dijon mustard. Leave the mustard meat to stand for 15 minutes. You can also soak the meat in mustard for several days. Then please cover the beef coated with mustard with a cling film. This also prevents the meat from drying out.
Beef salad with mustard is delicious, you can marinate the cooked beef marinated in mustard for up to a week in mustard.

2. Leaf Salad with Beef Salad

I use for my beef salad a colorful leaf salad mixture. This makes the salad exciting in terms of colour and offers visual and tasty variety. Ideal is Lollo rosso, Lollo bianco, frisee, oak leaf salad, additionally radicchio salad. The lettuce washing I show in an extra contribution. Leaf salad can be kept in a box in the fridge for up to 3 days after preparation, washing and spinning.
A colourful lettuce mixture pleases the eye, mix different lettuce varieties!

3. Asparagus with Beef Salad

In the asparagus season I like to combine my salad with beef with asparagus. White asparagus or green asparagus or both asparagus varieties in combination. I like the play of colours on the plate and the different taste impressions which combine to a highlight. The white asparagus must be peeled completely, the green asparagus only in the lower range about 5-7 cm of the cut surface seen. Depending on the thickness of the asparagus spears, I cut the asparagus into diagonal pieces after peeling or halve the asparagus lengthwise beforehand. Cook the prepared asparagus pieces over high heat with some water, butter, salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg. I usually use a pan for this, let the liquid evaporate, glaze the asparagus at the end by swirling in the reduction of butter and spices. The prepared asparagus comes lukewarm with the salad, this creates an additional attraction, because a warm/cold game is always good. The cooked asparagus can be marinated with a little white wine vinegar and kept in the fridge for 3-4 days. If necessary, it can be served with salad or as an antipasti.
beef salad with asparagus as a starter great dish for your dinner party
The roasted beef simply makes a splendid salad. Salad and asparagus offer a great taste combination.

4. Prepare Salad Dressing

For a salad dressing, all spices such as salt, pepper, sugar and aromatics such as garlic and onions are always stirred into the vinegar first. The spices can dissolve (salt and sugar) or develop their flavour (pepper, garlic, onions, mustard). A good proportion for the salad dressing consists of one third vinegar and at least two thirds oil. You can add more oil according to taste, a ratio of one part vinegar and three to four parts oil has proved to be good. You can also stretch the salad vinaigrette with some cold water if you want to reduce the oil consumption. Vinegar, spices and aromatics are mixed with a hand blender or with a whisk. At the same time, slowly add the oil so that it combines well with the vinegar or an emulsion is formed. The creamy salad dressing then adheres perfectly to the prepared lettuce leaves. You need washed and dry lettuce leaves, only these will accept the salad dressing well. Wet lettuce is a NOGO for gourmets because the taste is watered down. Wash salad and spin dry I show in an extra contribution. I also have to mention the lettuce variety Feldsalat, Rapunzel or Vogerlsalat, this variety requires a separate and special preparation, to be seen in the article wash lamb’s lettuce and dry.

5. Decoration Beef Salad

Roasted pine nuts, roasted almonds, tomato cubes, halved cocktail tomatoes, radishes and cress are suitable additional decorations for beef salads. The beef, fried in a mustard crust, has a strong taste and can be served with a homemade mayonnaise or dip. My cooking school for making mayonnaise yourself shows you this step by step, you can also use a purchased mayonnaise and thus keep the preparation time for this dish short.

6. Recipe Beef Salad

After the many tips in the article, the following is the recipe with all ingredients and quantities. A similar recipe is salad with beef: recipe with video for mixed leaf salad with beef stripes. I hope the recipe picture and text are a good source of inspiration for you, wish you every success!

Beef Salad with Leaf Salad and Asparagus

Fantastic beef salad, beef in the mustard crust with leaf salad and asparagus. Kitchen story with many chef tips for your perfect beef salad.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 824
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Beef salad recipe for your next great salad with beef. Step by step, I’ll show you a star chef variant that still simply succeeds and tastes great. With many tips on how to prepare it and the recipe you’ve tested, you’ll be able to put this dish on your plate in less than 40 minutes. Asparagus and cress make this salad a top highlight in the asparagus season. Try the recipe and let it taste good!

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greetings from bavaria with this dish of beef salad with asparagus


For the Beef

2-4 slices beef (breast of beef or other boiled beef and veal)
2-4 tsp Dijon mustard (or medium hot mustard)
5 tbs flour
2 tbs sun flower oil (to fry)

Salad Dressing

30 ml white wine vinegar
1 tsp brown cane sugar
3 pinch Salt
2 pinch Pepper
1/4 pc clove of garlic (optionally finely chop, grate with salt or mix in)
60-100 ml oliv oil (or sunflower oil, rapeseed oil)


3 bars green asparagus
3 bars white asparagus
30 g butter
some Salt
some Pepper
some brown cane sugar
some nutmeg

Leaf Salad and Decoration

80 g leaf salad mixed
4 pc cocktail tomatoes (or tomato cubes)
2 tbs pine nuts (roasted and salted)
2 tbs Mayonnaise
some Cress
2 pc radish


Cut the cooked, cold beef into 4 mm thick slices, spread with the mustard on both sides and make ready.

Prepare salad dressing from white wine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, optional garlic and olive oil. Please read my explanations and tips above in the article.

Pluck, wash, dry and marinate lettuces according to season and availability. The article links the step-by-step instructions for washing salad! Prepare the decoration ingredients to taste.

Peel asparagus, cut into pieces and cook in a pan with butter, some water, salt, pepper, nutmeg until al dente. I let the liquid evaporate towards the end of the cooking time and glaze the asparagus to a fine shine.

Place marinated mustard beef on both sides in the flour, then fry on both sides in a coated pan until golden brown.

Marinate and arrange salad, add asparagus and salad decoration ingredients, add fried meat to salad, mayonnaise or add with a spoon. Decorate the mayo with cress. Serve beef salad with asparagus and leaf salad quickly.


7. Calories (kcal) Beef Salad, Overview of Nutritional Values


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