Simple Risotto with Ham, Cooking Video and Step by Step Story

Simple Risotto with Ham, Cooking Video and Step by Step Story

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What is a recipe Simple Risotto? I have thought about it and come to the following insight and idea. Risotto is quick and easy if the ingredients are at home or readily available. I show a risotto with ham, you only need a few ingredients. In the article there are again lots of tips and tricks and my cooking video for simple risotto accompanies you step by step. Good luck! I’m happy if you share the post on Facebook and Pinterest.

1. Simple Risotto without Onion and few Ingredients

For my simple risotto I only need olive oil, butter, risotto rice, prosecco, broth, ham, chives and parmesan. With this recipe I even save the onion and prepare a risotto without onion. I usually have all these ingredients in my house, but when I sometimes look in the fridge with friends, it’s similar.

2. Making a Simple Risotto yourself

The risotto rice is sweated in butter and olive oil, deglazed with Prosecco and the risotto is cooked with the addition of the broth. Stirring is necessary but not constant. Cooked ham cut into cubes or strips, chives rolls and parmesan are added at the very end. The recipe for the simple risotto with ham and chives can be found at the end of the page, here is the cooking video, so that the step by step success.

3. Cooking Video simple Risotto with Ham

In the video I show the preparation without sweating rice – this is also possible…

4. Variations for your Risotto with Ham

There are hardly any limits to your imagination, you can add further ingredients to your ham risotto as you wish. Some suggestions in the following…

4.1 Risotto with Ham and Mushrooms

You can add fried quartered mushrooms to the risotto at any time. You can either cook the mushrooms right from the start (risotto), or fry them in an extra pan with colour (better!) and add them to the risotto later. Save some mushrooms for decoration and put them on the risotto. You can also use other mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and herb mushrooms are almost always available because they are cultivated mushrooms. My risotto with porcini mushrooms is a completely different preparation and please have a look into the recipe.
Risotto with king oyster mushrooms.
Risotto with mushrooms with or without ham – here with king oyster mushrooms.

4.2 Risotto with Peas and Ham

Peas are often present in the freezer and you can cook the peas briefly in the risotto. This is also quick and brings fiber into your risotto. Take a look at the picture, children also like to eat this dish!
Risotto with ham and peas.

4.3 Risotto with Parma Ham

Risotto with Parma ham, the air-dried ham hits the spot and pleases the eye!
Risotto with Parma ham, the air-dried ham hits the spot and pleases the eye! Parma ham is naturally a dream to the Risotto and fits excellently. Please do not cook Parma ham along with the risotto but serve it raw. It will swindle a lot when you heat it up. You can also put the Parma ham as a “rim” in a ring and then fill it with risotto. See the picture above this paragraph.
Parma ham goes well with the risotto and is not cooked with it.
Parma ham is an excellent accompaniment to risotto and is not cooked with it.

4.4 Ham and Cheese Risotto

The risotto with ham will be even more tasty if you add more cheese. You can use the already mentioned Parmesan or Pecorino and add your own taste.

4.5 Risotto Ham and Rucola

Rucola is an excellent accompaniment to ham risotto. Marinate the salad lightly with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then place the rocket as a decorative nest on your risotto with ham. This brings freshness to the plate. Preparing and washing lettuce please note my contribution how to wash salad.

5. Ham Risotto Thermomix

Start with the Parmesan 10 sec/level 10 grind and fill into a bowl. Add 50 g butter and 1 tablespoon olive oil to the mixing bowl and fry the risotto rice (80 g per portion) for 5 minutes at 120°C/left run/level 1. Add 80 ml dry white wine and 100 g rice each – 250 g water and half a stock cube (chicken/vegetable/beef), cook for approx. 20 minutes (observe packaging instructions cooking time risotto rice) 100°C/left run/stage 1 risotto ready. Finely chop the ham and chives. Then mix the risotto with the Parmesan, ham, olive oil and butter until creamy (step 1 on the left) and arrange quickly. Serve sprinkled with chives.

6. Recipe

Simple Risotto with Ham

Simple ham risotto with chives. Recipe with cooking video by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 735
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 25 Min.
A simple risotto I show in this recipe contribution. The Risotto with ham succeeds you surely and it goes completely fast. Cooking video with step by step instructions on how to make it yourself, variations and ideas for your next delicious risotto.

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Simple Risotto with Ham, Cooking Video and Step by Step Story


4 tbs oliv oil
120 g Risottoreis Arborio, Vialone nano
80 ml dry white wine
300-400 ml Vegetable broth
1 bunch chives
some garlic (as you like)
90 g cooked ham or raw ham
some nutmeg
some butter
40 g parmesan
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper


Sweat the risotto rice in a saucepan with a little butter and olive oil. Deglaze with the white wine, add the vegetable stock and simmer lightly, stir.

Cut the chives into fine rolls, cut some garlic finely, cut the ham first into strips, then into cubes.

Add finely diced garlic to taste or cook a half-cut clove of garlic and remove before serving.

Season the risotto with nutmeg and salt and pepper to taste.

Kurz vor Ende der Garzeit die Schinkenwürfel und den Schnittlauch beigeben.

Finish cooking the risotto without the lid. Finish with olive oil and a little butter and serve.

It is best to use a small ring to arrange the risotto so that it stays in shape.

Sprinkle with some cold olive oil and serve sprinkled with grated cheese.

7. Ham Risotto Tips

Chives can be replaced by fresh parsley, dried thyme or frozen, prepared herbs – saving time and effort again!

8. Calories Ham Risotto Overview of Nutritional Values

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