Steak Roast Properly – Rib Eye Steak Recipe

Steak with fried potatoes wonderfully arranged. © Thomas sixt food photographer.

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In this post I show you my Rib Eye Steak Recipe with fried potatoes and herb butter.

I accompany you with shopping tips and describe you the steak correctly roast step by step with many photos.

You can prepare the steak in about 40 minutes. 

Enjoy today a perfectly hearty and fried steak with a classic side dish.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

1. Recipe Rib Eye Steak

Below you will find my recipe with all quantities.

If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact me and write me a comment.

Wish you good success…

Rib Eye Steak with Fried Potatoes

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 1111
Total Time 20 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 10 Min.

Simple guide to prepare steak perfectly.

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Steak with fried potatoes wonderfully arranged. © Thomas sixt food photographer.
Rib eye steak with fried potatoes and herb butter recipe. The article shows you how to cook steak properly and helps to bring a great dish to the table.


HErbs Butter for Steak

100 g butter
1 bunch thyme
1/2 bunch chives
10 ml lemon juice
1/2 pc garlic
4 pinches Salt
2 pinches Pepper
4 pinches Cayenne pepper

Fried potatoes from raw potatoes

250 g Potatoes
300-500 g Sunflower oil
1 tsp majoram
1 tsp Caraway
4 pinches nutmeg
1/2 bunch Parsley

Prepare Rib Eye Steaks

2 pc Rib-Eye Steaks
15 ml Sunflower oil
40 g butter


Garden herbs bouquet
Herbs as a supplement are popular with star chefs, what tastes good and makes you happy is allowed.

Herb butter

Remove the butter from the fridge two hours before cooking.

Mix the room-warm butter with thyme, chives, lemon juice, finely chopped garlic clove, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

Place the herb butter on baking paper and form into a roll.

Place in the freezer for 15 minutes. Later cut the butter into slices and prepare for serving.

Potatoes for mashed potatoes in a saucepan.
Preparing potatoes for for cooking.

Prepare potatoes

Peel the raw potatoes with a peeler. Cut the potatoes into 4-5 mm thick slices.

Frying fat in the pot when heating.
Heat the frying fat, a temperature of 170-180 ° C is appropriate. Pay attention to the filling level, the fat should not go over when you put the raw french fries in the basket.

Fry potatoes

Fry the prepared raw potato slices at 170°C in sunflower oil.

Remove the blanched potatoes from the fat and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes.

Finish the fried potatoes with herbs and spices as well as with butter.
Finish the fried potatoes with the spices, herbs and butter.

Finish potatoes

Fry the fried potatoes again until crisp and light brown, then drain on kitchen paper.

Put the fried potatoes in a pan, season with salt, pepper, caraway, nutmeg and marjoram, add some butter for the flavour finish.

Put the fried potatoes in the pan or in the oven at 140°C warm.

Turn the steak over while searing.
Turn the steak after about four minutes. Sear the back of the steak just as hot, then you can turn off the stove and let the rib eye steak pull through to the desired degree. Please note the tips below.

Prepare Steak

Unpack the Rib Eye Steaks, wash under cold running water and pat dry.

Heat a suitable pan, season both sides of the steaks with salt and pepper, add oil to the pan and place the steaks in it.

Turn the steaks after 3-4 minutes, reduce the heat and fry the steaks to the desired cooking temperature.

Please read the information in the article!

Steak with fried potatoes wonderfully arranged. © Thomas sixt food photographer.
Rib eye steak with fried potatoes and herb butter recipe. The article shows you how to cook steak properly and helps to bring a great dish to the table.


Place the rib eye steaks on hot plates or serving boards.

Place the herb butter on the meat and serve with the fried potatoes.

Enjoy your meal!


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. What is A Rib Eye Steak

The Rib Eye Steak is a short roast meat from the beef high rib.

The name derives from the round roast beef.

The Rib Eye Roast is a roast piece/steak from the core of the rib, boneless and without rib lid.

Super, who has no idea of meat pieces is now also not smarter,

therefore I have you the following diagram and a picture of the Rib Eye Steak inserted here….

Meat cut beef, where's the rib eye steak? This question is answered in the graphic.
The Entrecôte piece of meat is also called “Rib Eye”. In New Zealand the popular steak is called “Scotch Filet”. It is cut from the back, number 6. The juicy, hearty steak is popular with steak gourmets because of its aromatic taste. You can recognize the Rib Eye Steak by the typical fat eye.
Rib eye steak raw on a kitchen board
Rib eye steak raw on a kitchen board. You can recognize the Rib Eye Steak by the distinctive grease eye. ©Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

4. What should I bear in mind when buying steak?

Here are my professional chef shopping tips, so you can get a tender and juicy steak on your plate…

  1. Buy the steak close to the expiration date.
  2. If possible, buy a dry aged steak.
  3. Buy the steak a few days before preparation and let it ripen further in the fridge.

I allow my steaks to mature for at least a week after the specified expiry date.

The steaks must either be vacuumed or I put the steaks in oil.

The meat must always be covered with oil when the steaks are placed in the oven.

5. How to Roast Steak Properly

Since there are many fairy tales on the subject of steak roast in recent years on television and the Internet,

I show here in the following … Steak roast correctly step by step with photos…

Prepare rib eye steak for frying.
Rib Eye Steak Ingredients prepared for steak frying. Take the steak out of the fridge about an hour before preparation. Besides the rib eye steak you need some thyme, garlic, salt, pepper and garlic. ©Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Cut the rib eye steak into the tendon.
Cut the lateral tendon of the Rib Eye Steak several times with a sharp knife. This prevents the steak from curling when sautéed. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Season the steak before browning.
Heat the pan strongly, then season the prepared steak on both sides with salt and pepper. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Fry the steak in a hot pan.
Pour the oil into the hot pan, add the rib eye steak. Add thyme and garlic to create a delicious aroma. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Turn the steak over while frying.
Turn the steak over after about four minutes. Fry the back of the steak just as hot, then you can turn off the hotplate and let the Rib Eye steak go through to the desired degree. Please note the following tips. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Steak properly roasted made easy. Finally, butter is added to the steak.
The big steak finale: Add some butter to the steak and let it foam in the pan. Sprinkle the rib-eye steak with the flavoured roast butter and wave the steak. Professional chefs call this process arousing.
Rib eye steak medium fried.
In my case I roasted the steak medium and ate it also immediately… ©Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

6. Steak Cooking Level at a Glance and to Remember…

Some time ago I made a Steak Gargrade table, which helps you with the steak preparation…

DesignationCore Temperature
Medium Rare50-54°C
Medium well60-72°C
Well done73-85°C

So use a thermometer to determine the temperature in the fried steak.

Alternatively you can determine the cooking degree of the roasted steak by the pressure test.

The following three cooking degrees are common, which you can determine quite well by pressing on the roasted steak:

Steak Rare/core raw:

The meat yields slightly, comparable to pressing your left index finger between your nose and lip.

Steak medium/roasted pink:

The roasted meat is firmer in consistency, red meat pearls appear on the steak. Similar if you press the tip of your nose with your index finger.

Steak Well Done/ Meat fried:

The steak hardly gives way when pressed, comparable to pressing the chin tip with your index finger.

Rib eye steak served with fried potatoes.
Rib Eye Steak with herb butter, cress, tomato cubes and fried potatoes. A perfect steak tastes delicious! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

7. Steak Side Dish Fried Potatoes

I chose fried potatoes as a simple side dish to this steak. You can also cook the potatoes before roasting or use potatoes already cooked the day before.

Here I show you how to prepare fried potatoes from raw potatoes.

You can keep the fried potatoes warm in the pan or put them in the oven, the temperature range of 140°C hot air has proven itself for keeping the fried potatoes warm.

Update: In an extra post I show you how to prepare fried potatoes step by step.

Steak with fried potatoes portrait format picture.
You can serve steak with fried potatoes on a plate or on a board! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

8. Herb Butter with Steak

I tend to simplify in my kitchen, yet no bought herb butter comes close to a homemade herb butter.

8.1 Making your own Herb Butter

Take the butter out of the fridge two hours before cooking.

Mix the soft butter with finely chopped garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and kitchen herbs.

You can use parsley, chives, thyme, rosemary, common kitchen herbs from the garden or the supermarket.

Then put the prepared butter in a sausage shape on the matt side of a piece of aluminium foil.

Wrap the aluminium foil over it and form evenly into a roll with a stick or your hands.

Wrap the aluminium foil sausage tightly and turn the ends against each other.

Put the herb butter in a cool place, unpack as required and cut into slices.

Tips for herb butter:

You can also freeze the herb butter, thaw it if necessary and cut off the desired amount of butter.

An alternative would be to fill the herb butter into ice cube trays with foil. This way you can easily remove the herb butter.

The most beautiful variation is to shape the herb butter nicely with a skin pass bag and spout and then freeze it in portions.

Finely chopped parsley
Finely chopped parsley
Butter ingredient
Butter pieces prepared as an ingredient.
Pluck the herbs and lay them ready on a pile.
Prepare and pluck herbs.

9. Other Recipes for Steaks

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