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Turkey Legs in the Oven with Vegetables, Recipe with Cooking Video and Professional Tips

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Today I show you my turkey legs in the oven recipe .

This is a practical dish because you prepare the meat and side dishes together in the oven.

Put the turkey legs in the preheated oven with the vegetables on a baking sheet or in a large roasting pan.

This saves time and effort and hardly anything can go wrong.

This article shows two recipes for good turkey:

One is the variant with a vegetable oven, the other is a variant with a quick and easy tomato stock with capers and olives.

I’m happy if you cook it again.

Good succeed!

1. Recipe Turkey Legs in the Oven

Let’s start with the detailed guide.

You will find tips for shopping and variants or supplements after the recipe.

I wish you good luck!

Turkey legs in the oven with vegetables

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 1268
Total Time 60 Min.
Preparation Time 40 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple guide for preparing turkey legs in the oven.

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Turkey legs in the oven recipe picture
Turkey legs in the oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


4 tbsp Olive oil
5 piece Potatoes
1 piece red bell pepper
1 piece Zucchini
1 piece aubergine
1 piece fennel
1 piece onions
2 piece turkey legs (turkey drumsticks)
Paprika noble sweet
chili flakes
5 Twigs fresh rosemary
100 ml dry white win
primal salt
black ground pepper


Prepare turkey drumsticks
Prepare turkey drumsticks for the oven.

Prepare legs

Preheat the oven at 230° C hot air.

Prepare a baking tray or roasting dish for the turkey legs with oven vegetables and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Red pointed peppers
Red pointed peppers halved in the kitchen.

Prepare vegetables

Chop all the vegetables and prepare:

Potatoes in quarters, bell peppers in long pieces, courgettes in thick slices, aubergine as well, fennel in eighths, flaky onions.

Oven vegetables prepared raw in the Roast Reindl.
Prepared, raw oven-roasted vegetables in a roast beef. Alternatively, the vegetables can be placed on a baking sheet with or without parchment paper.

Prepare roaster

Place all the vegetables in the roaster.

Add the turkey legs, season everything with salt, pepper, paprika and chilli, baste with olive oil.

Place the rosemary on top and place in the oven.

Turkey legs in the oven recipe picture
Turkey legs in the oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


After about 30 minutes of cooking, add some white wine.

Please adjust the temperature depending on the size of the turkey legs.

At the beginning 230°C, then 210°C and finally even higher.

Cooking time 40-60 minutes.

Arrange the turkey legs and oven-roasted vegetables and enjoy.


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Overview of Turkey Leg and Turkey Thigh

You can find the cuts of turkey drumstick (this guide), thigh and leg prepared differently in stores.

For all variants I have already prepared separate instructions for preparation:

Turkey legs in the oven recipe picture
Turkey legs in the oven Recipe on this Site

To keep it clear I have included the other turkey recipes at the bottom of the page .

No problem if you stumble across a rolled turkey or a whole turkey in the supermarket, you’re sure to find the right preparation here.

4. Tips for Cooking Turkey Drumsticks in the Oven

Since turkey meat is generally very lean, I preheat the oven to 230°C and massage the turkey legs well with salt, pepper and olive oil.

The high heat promises little meat juice loss and a relatively short cooking time.

When I put the turkey legs in the oven, I reduce the temperature to around 210°C and let the turkey legs cook until crispy.

The cooking time for the turkey leg is around an hour, sometimes a little longer. I have prepared turkey drumsticks in my recipes.

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

4.1 Variation Roast Turkey Legs before Cooking in the Oven

You can also briefly sear the turkey legs on all sides in the pan before putting them in the oven.

This is not absolutely necessary but also good. When I do that, it’s like this:

  1. I heat a coated pan, put some olive oil or sunflower oil in the pan.
  2. Wash the turkey thighs and pat dry, season with salt and pepper.
  3. Place the turkey thighs in the pan.
  4. Add one or two peeled garlic cloves and a sprig of thyme to flavor it.
  5. Fry the legs on all sides by turning them over.
  6. Remove the pan from the stove and add 50 g butter.
  7. The butter foams, season with salt and pepper.
  8. The butter now also absorbs the aromas of garlic and thyme.
  9. Baste the turkey thighs with the hot butter.
  10. As far as prepared you can put the turkey legs in the oven. Oven preheated to 230°C. That way you don’t interrupt the cooking process.

Roasting the turkey legs immediately brings color and roasted aromas to the meat.

Cooking instructions in variants by chef Thomas Sixt

5. Braised Turkey Drumsticks

I have decided to complete the topic of turkey leg here and therefore also describe my recipe for turkey leg in the pan.

You can also prepare the recipe below in the oven, I just want to show you another alternative way of preparing turkey drumsticks.

5.1 Ingredients Braised Turkey Legs

For 2 People


  1. Fry the zucchini in oil, remove from the pan/pot.
  2. Sauté shallots with seasoned turkey drumsticks.
  3. Add tomatoes, chili, capers, olives and anchovies, season with sugar.
  4. Either cook with the lid on the stove or in the oven at 180 °C for a good 1-1.5 hours.
  5. Add the zucchini and basil at the end for 5 minutes.
  6. Season the sauce with olive oil and a little butter!

5.2 Turkey Legs Braise Cooking Video

I’ll show you how to prepare it in the following video, it’s really easy and the advantage is that you only need a good pan with a dome lid.

The turkey leg does not get crispy with this method of preparation, the aromatic tomato stock makes up for it.

If you don’t have a dome lid available, you can also finish cooking the turkey legs in the pan in the oven.

6. Matching Side Dishes for Turkey Drumsticks

Both of my dishes are “Mediterranean” in style and therefore go well with basil pesto or wild garlic pesto.

Both types of pesto are linked and you will find great articles there on how to make pesto yourself . There is a new post on Oven Vegetables or Oven Vegetables .

Carrot green pesto
Carrot Green Pesto Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

7. More Recipes with Turkey and Turkey Meat

Comments, Cooking Questions and Answers

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    • Hello Hella, thank you very much for your nice feedback. Delicious on the table! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, nice site, easy to understand even for non-professionals! One question: I have turkey thighs, about 1.3 kg each with bone. Can I also prepare these with vegetables in the oven like your turkey leg recipe? And how much meat do you calculate per person? Thank you and best regards Bettina


    • Hello Bettina, we had already exchanged emails so that it would go faster! For all those who are reading along, here is the summary: –> There is an extra recipe with step-by-step photos for the roast turkey from the turkey thigh . I would prepare this recipe for the holidays and at the same time prepare the vegetables in the oven. –> Baked potatoes are quick and delicious on the baking sheet –> You can combine oven vegetables or pumpkin from the oven depending on the season. I wish you the best of luck, I look forward to feedback and further exchange! Kind regards Thomas Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello, could you please tell me how long the turkey legs need in the oven? 60 minutes total? Sincerely, Petra


    • Hello Petra, cooking time in the oven about 40-50 minutes. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Mr. Sixt, we cooked the dish at the weekend and everyone was happy. Thanks for the guidance and greetings from Düsseldorf from Nils and family


    • Hello Nils, I am very happy, good luck with pan and pot! Greetings Thomas Sixt


  • Very good recipe. You can tell that there is a professional behind it. Cooking well, everyone liked it very much. I'm glad I came across your recipes. Thanks!


    • Hello Chris, thank you for your nice comment. Feel free to drop by again and bring a cooking question with you, I'll be happy to answer it! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, I cooked the turkey legs the day before yesterday according to your instructions and the result was completely convincing. The combination of professional tips and pictures helped me a lot in my everyday kitchen life. Thanks very much! Greetings from Stuttgart Renate


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      • Hello Jens, you can also omit the vegetables, but then the sauce will not be quite as fine. Use onions and garlic if available. I wish you the best of luck. Greetings Thomas Sixt PS Here I have a detailed article on cooking red cabbage 🙂


    • Hello Andreas, I am very pleased that the turkey legs in the oven went so well. I wish you continued success! Kind regards, Thomas Sixt