Curry Wurst Recipe for DIY, Currywurst Sauce and Variants

German Style Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture

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Today I’ll introduce you to my Curry Wurst Recipe with french fries.

Currywurst is a bratwurst sausage served with curry-flavoured ketchup and curry powder

The Currywurst is from Berlin to Hamburg, from Cologne to Munich the most popular sausage dish of the German nation!

Making Currywurst yourself starts with choosing the right sausage, a Top Currywurst sauce recipe, a selection of curry spices and wonderfully homemade fries.

So that our brain cells can regenerate I have added a variant of the vegetarian Currywurst. Gourmets now only eat vegetarian or vegan currywurst!

If you want to get into the Bild newspaper I recommend Curry sausage with gold leaf!

In the article you get a lot of tips, at the same time I make a summary of what my cook colleagues Schuhbeck, Mälzer and Rosin conjure up around the Currywurst.

The regional overview shows you the small, fine differences between Ruhrpott Currywurst, VW and Volkswagen Currywurst from Hannover and Berliner Currywurst.

I wish you lots of fun reading and good luck making your own Currywurst!

1. Recipe Curry Wurst

NOW it starts!

Here is my guide for German Currywurst and Currywurst sauce to make yourself.

I wish you good luck!

Curry Wurst

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 797
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing original German currywurst in variants.

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German Style Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture
Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture.


Currywurst Sauce for Gourmets

1 pc garlic
1 tbsp brown cane sugar
1 pc onion (or two shallots finely diced)
1 can tomatoes (chunky or strained tomatoes)
1 slice fresh ginger (finely diced)
100 ml Vegetable broth
2 tsp curry (use Madras Curry)
4 pinch cayenne peppper
1 tbsp paprika spice noble sweet
1-2 tbsp cornflour (mix in 80 ml cold water)
1 tbsp balsamico (use an old, ripened balsamic vinegar)
1 tbsp Worcester sauce
4 pinch pepper black, grounded
1/2 tbsp Salt (I use Himalayan salt or pure natural Ursalz)
2 tsp brown cane sugar (I also like to use honey or agave syrup)

Quick Snack Currywurst Sauce

200 g Hela Curry Ketchup
200 g strained tomatoes

Currywurst ingredients

4 pc sausages for Currywurst (vegetarian bratwurst, white or red bratwurst, veal bratwurst or bockwurst)
2 tsp Rapeseed oil (for frying the Currywurst in the pan)

Make your own French Fries with Currywurst

400-500 g potato sticks (see article Making French fries yourself, mealy potato variety has proven its worth)
1.2 kg Rapeseed oil (to fry the French fries)
1 bag oven French fries (alternatively, if you do NOT want to fry French fries at home.)
1/2 tbsp Salt
4-6 pinch Pepper

Decoration Currywurst

2 TL curry (according to taste, for guests several curry spice blends. See table in article)
1 bag garden cress
1 bag fresh herbs (parsley, rosemary, thyme)

Curry sausage luxury ingredients

4 leaves leaf gold (or gold leaf dust)
1 bottle Champagne

Currywurst fürs Volk Getränke

4 bottles beer (with a regional connection from Cologne, Hanover, Berlin or Munich)

Vegetarische Currywurst Getränke

4 portions black tea Lapsang Souchong


Garlic with sugar in the pot
Garlic cloves with sugar in a saucepan

Prepare sauce

Put the garlic on a fork and put it in a pot.

Add the sugar and caramelise over a moderate heat.

Add the diced shallots or onions and sweat for about 30 seconds to one minute until colourless.

Leave to stand next to the stove for 5 minutes.

Tomato Sauce strained Tomatoes Recipe Image
Tomato Sauce strained Tomatoes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Cook sauce

Add the tomatoes, finely chopped ginger, vegetable stock, curry, cayenne pepper and paprika and simmer for 15 minutes.

Mix the cornstarch.
Mixing cornstarch to thicken.

Tie sauce

Mix the cornflour in some cold water and thicken the Currywurst sauce by adding the cornflour and bring to the boil according to your own taste.

Sugar close up brown sugar
Brown sugar

Season sauce

The Curry Wurst sauce refined with some balsamic vinegar, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and sugar season to taste.

Keep the sauce warm until serving.

Madras curry powder
Definitely use spices in the erotic kitchen. This is how taste and pep come into play!

Variant Fast Sauce

Put Hela curry ketchup with tomatoes in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Simmer the sauce for 10 minutes, season to taste with curry, salt, pepper, sugar and paprika.

Keep the sauce warm until serving.

potato sticks for french fries at first frying in profi kitchen its named french fries blanch
potato sticks for french fries at first frying in profi kitchen its named french fries blanch

Prepare fries

Please note the tips and instructions in my article Making chips yourself!

Blanch potato sticks in hot fat, let cool for 15 minutes, then finally fry the chips until crispy, put into a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

french fries ready for going in the bag :-)
french fries ready for going in the bag 🙂

Finish fries

It has proved successful to keep homemade

French fries warm in the oven at 160°C. So the supply is guaranteed!

Alternatively, prepare the chips for the oven according to the instructions on the packaging!

Make a cut into the sausage for currywurst before frying or deep-frying.
Cut in the bratwurst, this promotes the development of the taste and contributes to the good appearance of the currywurst!

Prepare sausage

The sausages simply or crosswise carefully, do not cut deeply.

Prepare the sausages either in the deep fryer or fry them like a star chef with a little rapeseed oil in a frying pan and let them take on a nice colour.

Sausages for currywurst seared in the pan.
Currywurst while frying in the pan. Use heat-resistant rapeseed oil and fry the sausages gently and slowly!

Fry sausage

Place the currywurst whole or sliced on a warm plate.

German Style Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture
Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture.

Serve Currywurst

Cover the currywurst with sauce, making sure that some sausage pieces look out without sauce.

Put the prepared French fries to the curry sausage.

Currywurst cut open with currywurst sauce and french fries served
The currywurst is usually served sliced, at least at the snack bar. At home you can also serve your currywurst whole with the fries and sauce. You can find ideas for the right curry in the article.

Supplement curry

Now sprinkle with the desired curry or present different curry spice mixtures at the table.

You can additionally decorate with some cress or in the luxury variant, if you want to make it into the Bild newspaper with gold leaf or gold leaf dust.

Fried basil leaves until crispy.
Crispy fried basil leaves are the highlight topping.

Decoration tip

Currywurst can be complemented with gold leaf, fresh cress or fried garden herbs.

Shortly fried rosemary tastes delicious, with crispy basil leaves or freshly fried parsley you cook this dish on star cook level.

Currywurst on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin at night.
You can eat Berlin currywurst at Bier's Kudamm 195 the noble snack bar on Kurfürstendamm 195 offers champagne and currywurst, attracts pizzas and their fans.

Drink tip

Serve with beer or champanger.

With the vegetarian sausage tastes a Lapsang Souchong tea, which is a Chinese, noble smoked tea.



2. Nutritional Values

3. Make Curry Wurst Yourself

You need to currywurst with fries to make the following tools yourself:

  1. A well filled deep fryer or a large pot with vegetable oil and basket for frying.
  2. Possibly a pan with a high edge for frying the sausage.
  3. A cutting board and a knife.
  4. A pot for the currywurst sauce, cooking spoon and ladle.
  5. A large bowl with water for the potatoes.
  6. A matching harness and all Currywurst ingredients.

I am going to prepare the fries in this post only in passing. In the article Making french fries myself I explain how to prepare french fries step by step.

The Currywurst is usually served sliced, at least at the snack bar. At home you can also serve your currywurst whole with the fries and sauce. You can find ideas for the right curry in the article.

The proven approach:

First prepare the Currywurst sauce, then take care of the french fries and fry or deep fry the Currywurst.

You’ve already noticed! Currywurst please slightly cut before roasting…

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Bratwurst, this promotes the taste formation and contributes to the good optics of the Currywurst!

Chef chefs fry Currywurst for a better taste in the pan!

Currywurst while frying in the pan. Use heat-resistant rapeseed oil and fry the sausages with feeling and slowly!

If you want to avoid the fryer, prepare the chips in the oven.

So you can concentrate on the preparation of the currywurst in the pan and the currywurst sauce.

Little time? Preparing chips in the oven and concentrating fully on preparing curry sausages…

French fries side dish tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Slice the mushrooms
Delicious French fries served in a bag – original with ketchup. Homemade French fries taste delicious with currywurst!

4. Select Sausage for Curry Wurst

To make Currywurst yourself you buy one of the following sausages:

For the Berliner Currywurst there is the variant with and without intestine.

The cylindrical Berliner Currywurst without casing is similar in appearance to the Bavarian wool sausages.

The Berliner Currywurst is a defined name:

It is an uncured and non-smoked bratwurst with a maximum water content of 5%.

Vegetarian Currywurst saves the planet and is good for the soul!

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Which sausage is the right one for Currywurst? Left in the picture extra large Currywurst, right in the picture white bratwurst. Who wants to do it right takes the golden mean, Vegetarian Bratwürste.

5. Vegetarian Curry Wurst

We eat too much meat and sausage, does that fit into a currywurst post?

I would like to encourage you to try the Currywurst with a soy sausage.

It tastes delicious and is good for body and soul.

I like to use Quorn Bratwurst, which is available in the supermarket.

If you have a good tip for another vegetarian or vegan bratwurst in stock, please use the comment function and post… THANK YOU!

Advantage: For vegetarian Currywurst you don’t need a butcher or butcher of your trust! 🙂

Says Chef Thomas Sixt
Curry bratwurst down, in the middle white bratwurst, who wants to go up takes the vegetarian bratwurst.

6. Currywurst Sauce Recipe

Here two variants for Currywurst Sauce, one a quick variant and a homemade variant for gourmets:

6.1 Quick Curry Wurst Sauce

Here the overview to the fast Currywurst sauce:

  1. A part of Hela Curry Ketchup and
  2. A portion of chunky canned tomatoes

Place the two ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil. The quick currwurst sauce is ready.

Hela Curry Ketchup is the secret ingredient for fast currywurst sauce.

6.2 Curry Wurst Sauce self made

Here is the overview of the homemade Currywurst sauce:

You can either serve the currywurst sauce in pieces or mix the sauce with a hand blender and pass through a fine sieve.

Use brown sugar for your currywurst sauce. Raw cane sugar tastes better and is healthier! Honey and agave syrup are other alternatives to sugar.

Sugar Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Brown sugar
Brown sugar made from sugar cane is considered healthier than white industrial sugar.

7. Choosing the Right Curry for Currywurst

The topic Curry to the Currywurst here in detail. This can make it easier for you to choose the right spice rack, the following table gives you ideas for the right curry:

Curry nameTaste and appearance
Pineapple Curry Yellow curry powder with pineapple taste gives the Currywurst a delicate and fruity aroma.
Madras CurryPopular for Currywurst: yellowish colour, soft to pungent taste, fruity and pleasant.
Mango CurryYellow orange, brings a fruity mango touch to the currywurst. Test it carefully!
Smokey CurryExciting taste with a fine smoky aroma, mostly bright yellow and therefore worth a try!
Thai CurryReddish hot available, carefully test, Thai aromas does not like everyone to the Currywurst.
Lemon CurryCurry hotness with lemon aroma brings fresh taste to the Currywurst. Don’t exaggerate! Colour yellow/green…
Jaipur CurryYellow curry of the fans of spicy currywurst delighted.
Love-CurryWhether it works or not, this curry mixture is worth a test in terms of colour and taste!
Madras curry powder
Definitely use spices in the erotic kitchen. This is how taste and pep come into play!

8. Currywurst Regional: Berliner, Volkswagen, Ruhrpott

Let’s have a look at the Currywurst now for regional specialities:

Berlin CurrywurstIn the original an uncured and not smoked Bratwurst with or without intestine. Chili and onions can be added on request.
Volkswagen CurrywurstCurrywurst based on a hot smoked and pre-grown bockwurst, served with an in-house sauce produced by Develey – Everything good comes from Bavaria 🙂
Ruhrpott CurrywurstWhite or red sausage served with chips, mayo, tomato ketchup and onion cubes. The sauce is sometimes a shashlik sauce.
Bavarian CurrywurstRed sausage, chips, hot curry sauce, sometimes served with pepperoni.
Viennese CurrywurstWhite bratwurst, without sauce only served with ketchup, onions and curry powder sprinkled.
Berliner Currywurst geht man essen bei Bier´s Kudamm 195 the fine snack on Kurfürstendamm 195 offers champagne and currywurst, attracts celebrities and their fans.

9. More Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here you will find matching french fries and coleslaw

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