Salmon breaded with Sesame, Recipe Salmon in Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream Dip. Easy Kochwiki with Video.

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The recipe Salmon in Sesam Coat is easy going. I have been cooking this dish for 20 years.

The salm harmonizes perfectly with the sesame, I serve different dips, vegetables and salad. The recipe comes from my first cookbook, the MinutenKoch. That sums it up.

The dish is quick and easy to prepare and is one of my top ten dinner variations. In the cooking video I show a possible preparation variant, in the article there is cooking know-how from first hand. Please try this salmon recipe yourself and share it with your friends on Facebook.

1. Bread Salmon in Sesame Seed

For me, sesame seeds have a special taste appeal. Sesame seeds develop great aromas when browned, which go very well with salm. This dish is not suitable for roasted pork-enthusiasts, because it is a Euro-Asian dish. I like such dishes as an exotic change. The salmon sticks are a great finger food or party food. Arranged on small plates, the dish is suitable for a flying dinner. The “good conscience dish” belongs to the categories Food Combining, Diet and Low Carb and has a balancing effect. I like to prepare it as a starter or as a main course for dinner.

Salmon breaded with Sesame, Recipe Salmon in Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream Dip. Easy Kochwiki with Video.
Salmon in sesame crust, fresh salmon is optimal, sushi quality is top, frozen and thawed salmon is second choice.

2. How does the Sesame stick to the Salmon?

The best way to prepare the salmon is to stir corn starch (1 tsp.) into cold water (70 ml) and pull the prepared salmon pieces through the corn starch water. Then place the salmon pieces directly into the sesame and carefully bread the fish pieces. The starch makes the sesame stick better to the pieces of fish. During the subsequent roasting, the starch gelatinizes the two ingredients. You don’t need an egg or flour for this breading process, the preparation remains gluten-free. Alternatively, you can first turn the salmon in flour, pull it through the beaten egg and then bread it in sesame. The simplest variation: Put the salmon directly into the sesame seed and press down. Here you always lose some sesame when frying.

Starch water allows the sesame to stick optimally to the fish pieces!

3. Fry Salmon optimally in the Sesame Crust

You need a good frying pan, in a coated frying pan the roasting is especially successful. Experienced cooking enthusiasts take a stainless steel pan, see my hints in the video. Use only a little oil, the pan is “wiped out” with the oil. There are only two well working variants: Either fry in a little oil, or fry directly floating in hot oil. Here the heat is very important, I explain briefly why: If the oil is not hot enough, many sesame seeds separate from the breaded fish. Correctly made, with appropriate heat supply, a sesame crust forms immediately. The sesame seeds adhere very well to the pieces of fish.

Salmon breaded with Sesame, Recipe Salmon in Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream Dip. Easy Kochwiki with Video.
Salmon fillet pieces breaded in sesame, a light dish for the evening.

4. Salmon with Sesame, the Side Dishes and Dips

I like to serve a colourful leaf salad with salmon in a sesame coat. I prepare a simple Asian dressing. This consists of 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 3 teaspoons rice vinegar or white wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice or lime juice, 5 teaspoons water, 4 teaspoons oil, some chilli. In addition, I add a little sugar to the salad dressing, then the salad vinaigrette becomes smoother and pleasantly sweet on the palate. With the dips I keep it simple: One teaspoon to one tablespoon wasabi paste is mixed with a cup of sour cream or cream fraiche, additionally seasoned with some salt and lemon juice. As a second accompaniment I serve soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. You can also serve cucumber slices, avocado, tomatoes and fennel for dipping.

Fish, delicious breadcrumbs, exciting dips, vegetables and salad – it’s healthy and fun!

5. Salmon in Sesame Crust, the Cooking Video as Instructions

In the cooking video I show the cleaning of the salmon fillet and the breading of the salmon pieces in sesame. Please follow my tips here in the article and then cook the dish yourself creatively. I have another tip for you: Mix light and dark sesame, then the breading looks even more exciting. As an alternative to salmon you can use tuna fillets or monkfish fillets and prepare them in the same way.

6. Recipe

Salmon in a Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream

Recipe for salmon breaded with sesame seeds. Recipe for salmon sticks in sesame crust, those are exotic, roasted salmon fingers as finger food, appetizer or party food great. As an accompaniment there is a wasabi dip and soy sauce. The recipe for the salad and the salad dressing can be found in the article, a cooking video accompanies you step by step in this kitchen story.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 618
Total Time 17 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 12 Min.
Bread salmon with sesame, a fine and simple recipe for salmon in a sesame coat. A Kochwiki with recipe and step by step instructions. You will like this kitchen story with chef tips, you can prepare the dish yourself in about 20 minutes. A great finger food and exotic party food that simply tastes delicious. Good luck!

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easy dish with fish salmon in sesame coat
recipe pic for Salmon in Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream Dip. Easy Kochwiki with Video.


240 g Salmon fillet
3 tbs sesam seed
1 tbs sun flower oil
1/2 Lemon
1 cup Sour cream
1 tbs wasabi cream
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper
some Soy sauce (or teriyaki sauce)
some chili fresh


Clean the salmon fillet and cut into strips, season with salt and pepper and roll in the sesame. Follow my tips in the article so that the sesame seeds stick well to the salmon.

Heat a pan and sauté the sesame-breaded salmon pieces on all sides in a little sunflower oil.

While frying the salmon, squeeze the lemon, mix the juice with the sour cream and the wasabi paste and season with a little salt and pepper. Optionally the dip can be refined with lemon juice or lime juice.

Arrange the fried salmon pieces in a sesame coat on plates, add the wasabi cream in a small bowl and serve. Serve with an Asian leaf salad with a light salad vinaigrette, description in the article. Enjoy your meal!

Tip for wasabi cream: Take wasabi cream left over with raw vegetables (paprika, carrot, fennel) to the office the next day (see video).





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