Fondue – Classic for New Year’s Eve

Fondue tips and ideas for New Year's Eve for soup fondue and fat fondue

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Today I’ll show you my Fondue Recipe.

The New Year’s Eve fondue tastes great with vegetables, fish, seafood or meat.

In recent times, a vegetarian fondue with tofu, baked cheese and lots of vegetables is a good choice! 

At best, a successful fondue is accompanied by many tasty cold sauces.

Classic sauces such as chive sauce, remoulade sauce combined with exotic chutneys or fiery dips make the palate dance.

Here you can finde Fondue Sauces and Raclette Sauces…

The fondue is a real classic for New Year’s Eve.

The advantage is obvious: no one has to stand alone in the kitchen after the preparations.

The guests put together their fondue menu according to their own taste at the table.

As a great addition, I present you with an idea for a fondue dessert.

When the pot is boiling, the time has come for relaxed conversations.

My contribution brings the fondue preparation to the point and answers the question which fondue is right for you.

1. Recipe for Fondue

Sitting together in a convivial circle and enjoying, that’s what a fondue offers.

Here is my recipe with shopping tips.

Fondue – Classic for New Year’s Eve

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 1215
Total Time 100 Min.
Preparation Time 100 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing fondue and New Year’s Eve fondue in variants.

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Fondue tips and ideas for New Year's Eve for soup fondue and fat fondue
Fondue tips and ideas for New Years Eve.


Fish Fondue

1 KG Fish and seafood (salmon, plaice, cod, prawns, mussels)
1 l Vegetable broth (or fish stock)
800 g fat (Optional instead of broth)

Meat Fondue

1 KG Meat (chicken, turkey, fillet of beef, duck breast, more ideas see article)
1 L Beef broth (or start with vegetable broth)
800 g fat (Optional instead of broth)

Vegetarian Fondue

250 g tofu
250 g smoked tofu
200 g Feta sheep cheese
200 g Falafel-Instant
4 pc eggs
100 g cornflour
100 g breadcrumbs (there’s also gluten-free!)
80 g Sesam
1-2 tsp Herbs (Thyme or rosemary)
800 g fat


100 g flour (also successful with gluten-free flour)
1-2 pc eggs
80-100 ml milk (Optionally beer or wine for beer dough/wine dough)


200 g Mushrooms
2 pc Zucchini
1 pc broccoli
3 pc paprika peppers (yellow, red, green)
1 pc fennel
4 pc Potatoes
1 pc eggplant

Fondue Dessert

500 g Fruits by season (banana, apple, plum, ….)

For the soup

1 bunch fresh herbs (chives or parsley)


Colorful seafood for the fondue.
You can deep-fry colorful seafood raw or with batter in a fat fondue. Use a basket for the fish soup fondue or skewer raw.

Prepare fish ingredients

Fish Fondue:

Defrost and dry deep-frozen ingredients, place fish fillets in bowls, cut into cubes, clean shrimps and remove intestines on top.

Cover all fish and seafood ingredients and refrigerate in the fridge until fondue evening.

Turkey and chicken prepared for the fondue
Turkey and chicken for fondue. Cut the meat into strips or thinly slices.

Prepare meat ingredients

Meat Fondue:

Have the meat cleaned by the butcher or meat, cut into strips or slices in the kitchen at home and place in bowls or on plates.

Cover the meat and put it in the fridge until evening.

puff pastry
If you don't want to make the dough yourself, use pizza dough or puff pastry for fried bread!

Prepare bread ingredients

Prepare yeast dough and puff pastry in batches and refrigerate until ready to assemble.

Prepare sesame seeds and salt in small bowls.

Fresh tofu in a plate

Prepare tofu

Cut the tofu and smoked tofu into 2 cm large cubes.

Bread half of the tofu to taste with flour, egg and sesame seeds.

Mix the instant falafel according to the recipe on the packaging and then form small falafel balls.

Place all ingredients on plates in the refrigerator

Sheep cheese is breaded twice for my Greek salad.
Put the sheep cheese cubes back in the egg and then again in the breadcrumbs. This is called double breading!

Prepare cheese

Cut the sheep’s cheese into cubes and bread with flour, egg, breadcrumbs and herbs.

batter to deep fry
Baked dough without lumps at best, it's not that easy with gluten-free flour.

Prepare baking dough

Prepare the dough, mix all the ingredients, chill the dough.

Fondue Sauces Ideas Image of cocktail sauce
Cocktail sauce and other cold sauce recipes based on mayonnaise go well with fondue.

Prepare fondue sauces

Prepare the fondue sauces.

Prepare the peppers
Halve and core the peppers.

Prepare vegetables

Clean and prepare the vegetables, put the vegetables in a cool place.

Fondue tips and ideas for New Year's Eve for soup fondue and fat fondue
Fondue tips and ideas for New Years Eve.

Prepare table

Set the table and prepare the fondue.

2. Nutritional Values

3. Fondue with Broth


The fondue with broth is the healthiest fondue variant for New Year’s Eve.

It therefore certainly fits in with the good resolutions for the New Year!

The ingredients boil or poach in the hot broth.

Fish, meat or vegetarian, everything is possible and depending on the diet of the guests several fondue pots are announced.

The basis for the fondue with broth is a beef broth, a fish broth or a vegetable broth.

You can season the respective broth with classic European or Asian spices.

The Asian version of the soup fondue is called “Feuertopf”.

Refine your broth for a fire pot with soy sauce, sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, anise and garlic.

Note: Seafood and vegetables cook quickly in the hot soup.

Cut the meat as small as possible, thin slices of meat or strips are ideal, which can be easily skewered or cooked evenly fast in the basket.

The cooking of the ingredients in the soup makes it very powerful in taste.

Hold back some fresh herbs to enjoy the soup at the end of the evening with freshly cut herbs.

clear beef soup
Vegetable stock, fish stock or beef stock can be used as the basis for soup fondue.
preparing chicken soup in a pot
chicken soup in pot

4. Fondue with Fat


For a classic meat and vegetable fondue you use hot fat.

Refined rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or tasteless coconut fat is ideal.

The fat fondue is not harmless. Your table should be stable, the fondue pot should only be half filled with hot fat or oil.

For some it sounds exaggerated, I recommend to have an additional fire blanket ready to hand, because some New Year’s Eve has not only burned down the old year.

As a small safety measure, there is a lid matching the pot.

If the fat becomes too hot or ignites, the pot can be quickly closed with a lid.

Fat fires must not be extinguished with water, because here the hot fat splashes in all directions and extreme burns can develop.

When using fondue with fat and oil, please pay attention to the temperature.

The temperature range of 170°C +-10 degrees Celsius has proved its worth.

The tasty part of the classic fondue with fat is quickly explained:

When frying in hot fat, the fondue ingredients are cooked tasty and evenly.

You can also prepare a baking dough for dipping the ingredients.

Fish and seafood, meat and tofu, fruit for fondue dessert…

You can dip all these ingredients into the dough and then fry them deliciously crispy in hot oil.

Rich with fondue fresh crispy and warm baguette or a garlic baguette a herb baguette or homemade pizza bread.

If you want to take a little more time, you can use puff pastry to make small cheese appetizers or puff pastry sticks with sesame seeds.

Dip vegetables in the batter and prepare in fat fondue
Dip vegetables in the batter and prepare in fat fondue
Vegetables dipped in batter on the way to the fat fondue
Vegetables dipped in batter on the way to the fat fondue

5. Fondue Side Dishes

Below are a few tips for a great New Year’s Eve fondue:

5.1 Bread and pastries with fondue

Serve with fondue fresh crusty and warm baguette or a garlic baguette, a herb baguette or homemade pizza bread.

If you can spare a little more time, prepare small cheese bites or puff pastry sticks with sesame seeds from puff pastry.

bread dough
Homemade bread dough
puff pastry
Puff pastry for fried bread!

5.2 Salads

Colourful leaf salads, potato salad, cucumber salad, cabbage salad, tomato salad, bean salad, general antipasti from the glass:

Potato salad with mayonnaise
Fine potato salad with mayo, served with eggs, vegetables and herbs.
Cucumber salad vinegar, oil
Cucumber salad with vinegar and oil
Bavarian Cabbage Salad - Coleslaw, Recipe with Video and Tips from the Bavarian Chef
Coleslaw goes particularly well with this dish!
Green Bean Salad Recipe Picture
Green Bean Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt
Beetroot salad recipe
Beetroot Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt
Tomato salad recipe picture
Tomato Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Dried and pickled tomatoes, mixed pickles, pickled gherkins, artichokes in addition, a noodle salad is a good accompaniment to fondue.

5.3 Fondue Sauces

A selection of cold sauces for fondue will enrich your fondue with different flavours. Here you can find my article about fondue sauces.

cold white sauce
cold white sauce
mustard sauce cold
cold mustard sauce

6. Ideas for the Meat Fondue

Suitable are:

Turkey meat, chicken breast meat, beef fillet, quail breast, duck breast, chicken liver, duck liver, beef liver…

In general, all types of meat and offal that are served fried for a short time.

Please generally cut the liver into small slices and clean well beforehand, otherwise the liver will splash the fat.

Turkey and chicken meat with fondue. Cut the meat into strips or thin slices.

7. Ideas for the Fish Fondue

Saithe fillet, salmon fillet, plaice rolled, sole rolled, shrimps (raw, grey colour!), seafood mix, octopus and blanched mussels.

You can fry colourful seafood raw or with batter in a fat fondue. For the fish soup fondue use baskets or skewer raw.
Prawns are excellent for fondue with fat and fondue with broth. It is best to use grey, raw shrimps.

8. Vegetarian Fondue

You would like to prepare a contemporary vegetarian fondue, here are my tips:

Baked sheep cheese with herbs
Sheep’s cheese balls breaded with thyme and breadcrumbs and fried in hot fat taste great.
Falafel in hot fat when frying.
Falafel are fried balls made from chickpeas and beans with oriental spices.

Special tip! Fondue Dessert – prepare more baking dough and fruit in the baking dough as fondue dessert…

Cut the apple into moons
Cut the apple with the skin into eighths and cut out the core.

9. Dispose of Fondue Fat

After the fondue, please do not pour the grease residues into the sink or toilet.

The fat would block the drain pipes!

Allow the fat to cool completely, then dispose of in the household waste.

10. Cheese Fondue

It is still to be mentioned briefly: The cheese fondue is a speciality from Switzerland.

The cheese fondue is prepared in a special ceramic pot.

Cheese fondue sets are available on the market for this purpose.

The cheese fondue preparation I will show next in another article.

11. More Recipes Around New Year’s Eve and Christmas

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