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Quick Coffee Mousse Pudding a delicious spooned Dessert

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Violà, my recipe Quick Coffe Mousse Pudding, a refined dessert that tastes delicious. Coffee is our favourite hot drink – a morning without it is hard to imagine.

Coffee makes us lively and actually accompanies us the whole day. It helps us over the afternoon low and also in the evening after dinner we like to drink it for dessert.

Coffee is also a great way to prepare a dessert. That’s why today I’m showing you a recipe for a delicious coffee cream that’s really quick to prepare and super easy to imitate.

In the video you can follow everything step by step. Wish you good luck!

1. Quick Coffee Mousse Pudding Dessert for your kitchen

The average person drinks about 5 cups of coffee a day. Coffee is a real pleasure for us and gives us the energy we all need in our daily routine. In brief: coffee makes our life worth living.

Did you know that we drink coffee since the 15th century, but it was discovered much earlier!

This dessert isn’t only delicious, you can also prepare it in a very short time (30 minutes). Only when everything is finished you have to patient as the cream takes a little bit of time to thicken in the fridge.

Is your mouth already watering?
Okay, then it is time to tell you something about the preparation:

2. Which coffee beans shall I use for Coffee Cream Dessert pudding?

In general you can buy the beans you like in the supermarket (fresh our already ground). But the quality is crucial for the taste. That’s why I prefer freshly roasted beans.

Every coffee roast has different flavors, for example more chocolate or more fruity. Just take the ones that appeal to you.
I ordered my beans on the internet and I’m really satisfied with them. The roaster is called Rabenschwarz Coffee.

Whether fresh or already ground, the first step for our coffee cream is to make coffee. Because I prefer an intense coffee flavor in my cream, I make half a cup of coffee. You can also make a little less if you like less coffee flavor.

3. Ready for great taste? Coffee and ginger!

Once the coffee is ready, I’m cutting ginger into tiny pieces. The ginger makes my mousse really special and tastes amazing in combination with the coffee cream. When the ginger pieces are small enough, I mash them with my knife.

Then I add the ginger together with brown sugar to the pan and wait until everything caramelizes.

I prefer brown sugar for caramelizing, then the flavor is more intense

I start stirring when the sugar starts to melt. Then I deglaze with coffee and I take the pot off the stove.
Before I can add the QimiQ, the liquid has to cool down a little. I stir for a few minutes – that’s good for my muscles 🙂

4. The key ingredient: Take Qimiq for Coffe Cream Dessert

You might know Qimiq from the supermarket. But did you know what Qimiq really is? In general Qimiq is cream with gelatin. So we just need one product instead of two. Also we don’t have to deal with the gelatin and we save time. For the coffee mousse I mix in the Qimiq with a whisk. One cooking tip: take the Qimiq out of the fridge half an hour before you need it, then it won’t get lumpy.

In the end pour in some coffee liqueur. If you prepare the cream also for children, add the liqueur when the coffee cream is still hot. Then it won’t taste alcoholic. Another possibility is that you make one cream for the adults with liqueur and one for the children without.
The cream is very smooth and gets creamy in the fridge – just be a little patient with our delicious coffee mousse.

You can find more cooking tips in my video. Have fun while watching!

5. Recipe for Quick coffee mousse pudding

Quick coffee mousse pudding

quick coffee mousse pudding, recipe with cooking video and many tips from german chef Thomas Sixt. Enjoy this easy coffee dessert with intense taste…

Servings 2 servings
Calories 552
Total Time 85 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 60 Min.
Delicious recipe for coffee mousse and coffee pudding from chef Thomas Sixt. prepare a great dessert coffee cream quickly and easily : Step by step explanation and cooking video. Good luck!

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Delicious spooned dessert: Quick Coffee Mousse Pudding


4 tbsp brown sugar
2 slices Ginger
4 cups espresso (cold)
1 tbsp coffee liqueur
2 packs Qimiq
icing sugar
4 pieces of coffee beans


Heat the sugar in a pot and let it caramelize slightly, then add the finely diced ginger. Deglaze with the coffee, add the liqueur and stir in the QimiQ. Attention, do not boil the qimiq!

Beat the coffee cream until cold, then fill it into moulds and let the mousse cool in the fridge for 2 hours.

Serve the coffee mousse with icing sugar and decorate it with a coffee bean.


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