Salad with Tofu, Recipe with Cooking Video for a wonderful Tofu Salad

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The recipe Salad with Tofu I show you in this post. Step by step I cook a great leaf salad with smoked tofu and mushrooms, which you will surely like.

Tofu is very popular in the vegetarian and vegan kitchen, the smoked tofu tastes best to me personally and therefore it may join my tofu salad.

Today there is also a cooking video to prepare together, so you are not alone in the kitchen!

I am happy when you cook the delicious salad and wish you good luck. Please share this article on Facebook with your friends!

1. Salad with fried Tofu

Of course the tofu tastes excellent lukewarm on the salad, if you want to do that, then heat a pan, dry the unpacked tofu on a kitchen paper, fry the tofu on each side with a little sunflower oil over high heat for 2-3 minutes.

If you want it to go fast, use smoked tofu, which tastes delicious without browning!

2. Salad with smoked Tofu

Today my tofu must get along without roasting, for this I use smoked tofu. It also tastes better to me and goes very well with lettuce with fried mushrooms. Since I prepare the salad, you could also take the salad with you to the office, the smoked tofu is cut into cubes. So the tofu can be marinated later with the salad and the mushrooms directly in a bowl and is also prepared bite-sized.

Vegan smoked tufo salad tastes delicious!

3. Tofu Salat vegan

I particularly like this smoked tofu salad because it is a vegetarian or vegan variety. Sometimes I serve the tofu salad as a starter or even as a main course in the evening.

4. Leaf Lettuce with Tofu

Use a good lettuce mixture, the lettuce should simply get volume through different varieties. This will look better on the plate and will also provide a pleasant colour accent. If you want to make your own lettuce mix, use Lollo rosso, Lollo Bianco, oak leaf lettuce, radicchio and Frisee. I have a great article about salad washing that you can have a look at. See also the article how to wash lamb´s lettuce or corn salad…

lettuce at a glance cooking school
Different lettuce leaves at a glance, the good mixture makes the lettuce!

5. Asian Salad with Tofu

You can prepare this salad with a maximum of Euro-Asian ingredients. For example, you can buy an Asian lettuce mixture, add pickled soya sprouts or freshly fried sprouts to the salad, spice up the salad with kimchi cut into strips and sprinkle the salad with light and dark sesame seeds.

sushi-with goose liver-euro-asian-cuisine
Asian cuisine doesn’t really exist, only Euro-Asian cuisine. Here a Euro Asian Sushi, found in Paris, a Maki combination with rice, goose liver, mango and onion chutney. East meets West, it tastes great!

6. Dressing or Vinaigrette for Salad with Tofu

In my recipe I show you a salad dressing with balsamic vinegar. My wife has lived in Italy for a long time and loves this simple salad dressing. Since I just philosophized in the last paragraph about the variant of the Asian salad with tofu, here follows another tip for a second dressing: exchange the balsamic vinegar for 2/3 white wine vinegar and 1/3 lemons or lime juice, season the dressing with soy sauce or real fish sauce instead of salt, add a little finely ground ginger and some chilli. This will give you a matching salad dressing with an Asian touch!

prepare salad dressing step by step instructions
You can also add mustard to your dressing, but simply prepared it tastes good too!

7. Recipe Salad with Tofu

I think the article with recipe gives you a good guide for the preparation. You can add your own ideas to the tofu salad and develop further variations. Please just be creative and enjoy cooking!

Salad with Tofu

Recipe salad with tofu including chef tips and step by step instructions with cooking video. Discover different variations for tofu salad and cook with video instructions absolutely sure to succeed.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 436
Total Time 27 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 10 Min.
Recipe salad with tofu I show in this article with step by step instructions and cooking video. Tofu doesn’t have to taste boring, I use smoked tofu and prepare a great salad with a simple salad dressing and fried mushrooms. The smoked tofu salad is shown at the same time as a second Asian dressing, and there are tips for the variations. Enjoy this salad at home or just take it with you to the office!

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Salad with Tofu, Recipe with Cooking Video for a wonderful Tofu salad
Tofu Salad


100 g leaf salad mixed
150 g oyster mushrooms (or shiitake mushrooms)
0 sun flower oil
50 g cucumber
5 pc cocktail tomatoes
120 g tofu (smoked tofu)
0 Salt
0 Pepper
20 ml balsamico
70 ml oliv oil
0 brown cane sugar (can be omitted depending on balsamic vinegar!)


Pluck lettuce, wash, dry or spin dry, prepare. Note my link to the article Washing lettuce above in the text.

Cut the oyster mushrooms into mushrooms and roast them in a pan with sunflower oil. Fill the lettuce into a bowl, slice the cucumbers, halve the tomatoes, cut the smoked tofu into cubes and add to the salad.

Season the fried mushrooms with salt and pepper and add to the salad. Pour the balsamic vinegar into an extra box, season with salt and pepper (simple balsamic vinegar can also contain sugar), add the olive oil and shake well with the lid closed.

Take the salad and dressing to the office, add the dressing to the salad before serving. Close the salad bowl with the lid and shake (the salad will be marinated so practical and simple), then serve or enjoy directly!



8. Calories (kcal)

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